Dr Joanne Hobson

Dr Joanne Hobson

Dr Joanne Hobson is a Clinical Lead Director of The Menopause Consortium and a British Menopause Society (BMS) Advanced Menopause Specialist and member of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine.

As a GP for over 30 years she has always had an interest in women’s sexual health and psychosexual medicine.

In 2022 Dr Joanne Hobson, together with Sally Kitchen, created The Menopause Consortium, a visionary initiative that is transforming menopause care on multiple fronts. Through these roles, she has contributed to raising the standards of menopause care by equipping healthcare professionals with the latest insights and best practices.

At the core of The Menopause Consortium, is the aim to improve women’s health education, training, care, and support for all. They endeavour to empower individuals and healthcare professionals alike to make informed decisions regarding their hormonal health, because they believe everyone deserves access to increased, improved and quality health care.

Dr Joanne Hobson is passionate about improving the experience of women in all stages of menopause. She has produced support videos, shares information and provides invaluable workshop. She is also committed to raising awareness among employers and greater understanding in Primary Care.

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