Dr Emily Grossman

Dr Emily Grossman

Internationally acclaimed science writer, public speaker and TV personality, Dr Emily Grossman is an expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a Double First in Natural Sciences from Queens’ College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research. Emily also trained actress and now combines her skills as a science broadcaster, educator and writer.

Emily is no stranger to public speaking and held talks at The Hay Festival, The Science Museum, Cheltenham Science Festival, The Royal Society, The British Science Festival, The Emirates Festival of Literature and The Women of the World Festival.

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We had a great turnout to come and hear Emily speak about Imposter Syndrome at HSBC London, and she did not disappoint. With her inspiring story of the impact of Imposter Syndrome at various turns in her life – through her struggles to fit in as a Research Scientist and Actress, then persevering despite anxiety to become a BBC Expert and now combining her skills as a Science Communicator, Emily was an authentic and engaging speaker. She spoke openly on topics which resonate with many in the Corporate sphere but not often talked about. We want people to feel empowered to fulfil their potential and Emily’s touching talk certainly helped in our aim to achieve this.”

Diversity and Inclusion Lead, HSBC

“I found Emily’s talk on ‘Imposter Syndrome’ brilliant and refreshing! We had a fantastic and diverse turnout as ‘Imposter Syndrome’ resonates with men and women, young and old(er!), and different ethnicities. Emily was passionate, authentic and enthusiastic, which empowered, inspired and motivated us all. She was truly inspirational, encouraging us to persevere through our insecurities and stop being our own personal obstacle preventing us from achieving success! Like she says, “say yes, panic later!”

Technology Strategic Partnerships, HSBC

​I found Emily’s talk thoroughly refreshing and could relate to the feelings she’s experienced at certain points during her career and studies. I’m also a very emotional/creative person so it’s great to hear that this shouldn’t be viewed as a sign of weakness, or as a barrier to success in Corporate/STEM environments. I’m glad Emily’s found her ‘place’ career wise. She will no doubt influence many others who feel they don’t belong, for whatever the reason, to persevere and find theirs.

​I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Emily’s talk last week! I think the way she was so honest and open really helped the audience understand and engage with her even if your background wasn’t STEM related. I’ve taken lots away and the highlight for me was when she discussed the three Cs (Compassion, Collaboration and Creativity) and how they are individually important.”

STEM conference University of Warwick

Emily delivered an engaging and fluid talk on the value of soft skills in STEM. Offering a well-articulated presentation of her personal experience of the highs and lows of passing through the STEM education system her story really resonated with delegates who identified with the barriers facing sensitive students in STEM.

Inside Government’s Women in STEM Conference

Emily is a great science communicator. She combines her personal story with her contagious scientific enthusiasm in a compelling way, and her engagement with the audience encourages them not only to understand what she is telling them but to believe that they can be successful scientists too.

Women’s Engineering Society

Giving her talk Emily demonstrated why she is a STEM Ambassador. Relaxed and relatable, as she told her story of developing a career in STEM many of our delegates were reassured that their own experiences were not unique and were encouraged rather that there is a space and indeed a need for a diverse workforce in STEM.

Inside Government’s Presenting STEM in Schools Forum

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