Chris Thrall

Chris Thrall

Chris Thrall is a Former Royal Marines Commando, Bestselling Author, Global Adventurer, Extreme Endurance Athlete,
999-Mile Nonstop Ultra-Runner, Quadruple-Distance Ironman, Mental Health Advocate, Inspirational Speaker and Podcast Host.

After leaving the Royal Marines to run a successful business in Asia, Chris found himself homeless, suffering acute mental illness from crystal meth addiction and working for the Hong Kong triads.

Declining conventional support, Chris rebuilt his life, becoming a qualified pilot, skydiver, adventurer and bestselling author. He has expeditioned to eighty countries across seven continents and raised thousands of pounds for charity.

An extreme-endurance athlete, Chris recently ran an ultra-marathon a day for thirty-seven days, unsupported, the length of Britain, to raise awareness of the alarming rate of veterans suicide.

In 2019, for his fiftieth birthday, Chris completed a quadruple ironman, swimming nine miles, cycling 450 and running 108.
Chris hosts the hugely popular ‘Bought the T-Shirt Podcast’ and has chatted to rock megastar Robbie Williams and Ollie Ollerton from Channel Four’s SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Type Of Speaker


Zero negativity and a positive mind.

– Ant Middleton, SAS: Who Dares Wins


Chris Thrall’s empathy should be lauded and applauded

Robbie Williams, Rock Megastar


There are inspirational life stories and then there is Chris Thrall’s.

– Adrian Simon, CEO Naked Eye


What an absolutely incredible and wonderful thing Chris is doing.

– Tim Johns, BBC


Chris shows pure grit and determination, showing that anything is possible if you
put your mind to it!

Tom Evans, Red Bull Athlete and World-Class Ultrarunner


Chris’ ‘can do’ attitude is a real inspiration, making you feel like you can achieve anything

– Darren Hands, Rotary Club of Great Britain

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