Chris Jewell

Chris Jewell

Chris Jewell believes that in order to create high-performance teams, we need to understand how individuals perform over a sustained period of intense pressure.

He has been leading successful diving expeditions since 2009, alongside his career as Head of Professional Services for The Access Group where he managed a team of over 40 ERP Consultants.

Chris Jewell came to prominence in 2018 as part of the team that rescued the coach and 12 boys in their football team who became trapped in a cave.

Chris is an experienced speaker with a range of take-away messages for business and wider audiences on leadership, resilience, innovative thinking, motivation and performing under pressure.

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It was such an honour to hear the extraordinary account of how a group of school children were rescued from certain death after becoming stranded deep underground in Thailand Chiang Rai province. An incredible story of teamwork from a diverse group of nationalities, who were able to work together to pull off this amazing feat. Chris is an excellent speaker and his visuals enabled us to appreciate the sheer scale of difficulty the team faced. We have been lucky to listen to many speakers over the years and Chris is definitely in my top five.

Very many thanks indeed for your really excellent presentation yesterday. Glowing reports are even more rolling in with a lot of folk who come to our event every year saying it’s the best evening and the best speakers we’ve had for ages.
Ranulph Feinnes

Thank you again for sharing your story of the truly amazing Tham Luang rescue. I think I speak for everyone at the event to say that it is inspiring.
CFO, The Access Group

This was without doubt the most incredible talk on diving we have ever been to. Well don’t to the TekCamp 2018 team for arranging it, and a huge thank you to John and Chris for their honest talk about an event that gripped the world for nearly three weeks. To get such a detailed insight into this rescue was amazing. The bravery shown by these two divers and all those that took part in the rescue is admirable and the fact that they were so humble in describing events made them seem even more like modern day superheroes that they clearly are.

Thanks very much, that was a great talk – difficult with an audience that ranged from those who know a lot about both cave diving and the cave to those who don’t have a clue about either. You managed the juggling act very well.
Wilderness Lectures 

John and Chris kept the audience on the edge of their seat as they recounted the difficult decisions they were forced to make and how easily it could have all gone so horrible wrong. Laced with typical British humour, the talk ended with a standing ovation from the entire audience! We saluted you John, Chris and all the members of the rescue team.
TekCamp 2018

Your talk was wonderful. You clearly have multiple talents! To organise such a major operation must have been a huge challenge in itself. The diving and underground navigation must have required enormous skill. Your delivery on stage was superb.
Transglobe Expedition Trust 

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