Andy Halliday

Andy Halliday

Andy Halliday is a former international hockey player and manager of England and Great Britain men’s hockey teams, as well as a former Specialist Firearms Officer at the Met Police. Andy now applies his skills as a coach, facilitator and keynote speaker.

Andy joined the Metropolitan Police when he was 18 years old. Here he developed his policing skills in a pressurised environment of 1980s London. After an initial period on the beat in Tottenham, he became a riot training instructor for seven years before transferring to the tactical Firearms Unit.

Spending more than three decades in pursuit of best practice in high performance environments, Andy understands what it takes to thrive and succeed, as well as the challenges faced by individuals and organisations from teenagers all the way up to executives in large businesses.

Andy has been interviewed on many podcasts, talking about topics including growth mindset, stress reframing, learning from mistakes and his experience managing GB men’s hockey team and 30 years policing in London.

Andy is a fascinating speaker, drawing on his experiences Policing London, fighting terrorism and dealing with the 2005 bombings, as well as his long career as an international hockey player.

Whether it’s International sport or Firearms Operations, Andy shares fascinating experiences of working in high pressure environments.

After many years of such rich experiences, Andy talks openly about his life working in two diverse areas of high performance. He is a natural communicator, whether it is motivational speaking, engaging audiences in the secrets of high performance or decision making under pressure, he has a story to tell.

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