Andrew Priestley

Andrew Priestley

Andrew Priestley is a multi-award-winning business leadership coach; ranked in the top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentors 2017; best-selling author and speaker.

Qualified in Industrial and Organisational Psychology he talks enthusiastically about a broad range of fascinating topics including business leadership, fast uplift business growth, core fundamental human values, motivation, goal setting, and building neurones for success for peak performers.

Andrew is entertaining, instructive, challenging, and always relevant.

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  • Former British Army Intelligence Officer
  • Change, effective decision making, building resilience
  • LinkedIn leadership influencer
  • FTSE 100 clients
  • Actor/Comedian
  • StandUp
  • Host/Compere
  • After Dinner Entertainer
  • Gardening Presenter
  • Fictional and Factual Writer and Journalist
  • Famous Ground Force Host
  • Charity Advocate
  • Locked-In Syndrome
  • Speaker & Moderator
  • NHS Leadership Coach
  • Resilience & Overcoming Adversity