Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson is a young barrister specialising in family law, an author and diversity campaigner.

Alexandra Wilson first came to public attention when she spoke about how she was mistaken for a defendant rather than the barrister three times on the same day in court.

On the day in question, she was first questioned by the court security guard who looked for her name on the list of defendants before being corrected. Upon entrance, she was questioned by another barrister who told her to wait outside for her usher. Then a clerk loudly told her she had to wait for her case to come on. This, combined with a member of the public telling her only lawyers could be in the courtroom, really upset and angered her – “I don’t expect to have to constantly justify my existence at work.”

Alexandra Wilson has since used her experience to challenge discrimination – particularly racial – in the courtroom and legal system.

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She has shown an ability to pick up a very difficult matter, in tough circumstances, even when parachuted in late in the day, and imbibe herself in the case.
Fellow Solicitor

Both [the lay client] and I were very happy and very impressed with the quality of work that Alexandra provided from the onset. The client was very stressed out prior to her hearing but she found Alexandra to be very helpful and dealt with her concerns, which put the client at east.
Fellow Solicitor 

Alexandra is so lovely and was such great fun to work with.
This is Spoken, 2021

Just wanted to say what a brilliant event last night was with Alexandra Wilson. She is such a wonderfully eloquent advocate for diversity and her words were very empowering. My generation have a lot to learn from younger role models like Alexandra.
Brown Rudnick Women in Business Series, 2021

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