Action sports presenter and host Kevin Harris’s new showreel…

21st Sep 2019

We’re delighted to bring you all-action man presenter Kevin’s latest showreel…

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Kevin Harris is a UK based sports presenter and live event host, who, since 2002 has built his broadcast and corporate presenting career both in the UK and USA through his constant hard work, versatility, professionalism and love for all that he does.

As a live event host, MC and facilitator Sports presenter Kevin Harris gets frequently rebooked thanks to his personable nature, ability to think quickly on his feet and ability to command an authority on topics and subject areas outside of his expertise thanks to a genuine interest to learn about all does and desire to, “get on with people and simply do a great job.”  

He’s fully experienced in broadcast TV, corporate video, Mcee’ing and Hosting huge live events including the Tour De France.

As a broadcast television presenter, Kevin has worked on motorsport championships and events in the UK and USA through independent production companies for broadcasters such as Channel 4, ITV2, Sky Sports, CBS Sports Network and Fox Sports.  This has predominantly been in the worlds of rally cars, powerboats, jet skis and motorbikes, but has also included cycling events, triathlons, marathons and adventure races.

Experienced sports presenter Kevin Harris isn’t just great at presenting sport, he loves taking part too!

Kevin is himself an adventurer as a BASI qualified, ISIA level alpine ski instructor, who enjoys nothing more than setting off on a days ski touring in The Alps, in search of off-piste perfection and a healthy does of adrenaline and wanderlust.  Closer to home, Kevin keeps fit with climbing, cycling and swimming. 

He has extensive experience in the worlds of rally cars, powerboats, jet skis and motorbikes, but has also included cycling events, triathlons, marathons and adventure races. In addition, he’s an accomplished snow skier.

See his new reel below and to find out more about some of the amazing projects he’s been involved with go to his full bio page HERE

To book Sports presenter Kevin Harris to host, MC or present for international events contact Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters 0044 1753 439 289

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