Penny Mallory – Keynote Talks – Mental Toughness

1st May 2020

What makes a great Motivational Speaker? Penny believes it is one that challenges existing thinking and promotes new behaviour. Here we feature Penny’s keynote on Mental Toughness

Penny Mallory Book Keynote Speaker mental toughness leadership coach at Great British Speakers
It is Penny’s wide range of experiences in sport, adventure and business that have made her keynotes acclaimed international favourites for many of the world’s most powerful and storied brands.
Penny Mallory expert Keynote Speaker Psychological Performance Coach former female rally car champion at Great British Speakers

Those who are Mentally Tough prosper and succeed in today’s fast pace of change and innovation.
Increasing resilience, focus, confidence and attitude transforms performance and profitability. With increased Mental Toughness we can learn to manage the stress and pressures we all face.
The wellbeing and mental health of you and your organisation is vital. Absence, Attrition and Accidents cost UK business over £20m every year.
Penny Mallory delivers an interactive, challenging and transformational insight into how and why you can’t afford to ignore the Mental Toughness of your people and your organisation.

Who needs this keynote?

  • Organisations looking to transform performance, lower employee turnover, increase customer satisfaction, increase profitability and become an employer of choice.
  • Organisations will be able to identify what areas of the business Mental Resilience should be built-in, as a part of the organisation design. This will then complement their people strategy. In turn, this will improve performance and success, resulting in a higher return on investment.
  • Individuals not coping well with the stresses and pressures of life and work.
  • People looking to increase their mental toughness to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

What will the delegates learn?

  • How to reconnect with their vision, passion and purpose of life.
  • How to increase optimism, confidence, resilience, character, grit and attitude to create a happier, fulfilled life 
  • Delegates will be given tangible tools to help equip themselves to increase their mental toughness
  • They will discover how to transform personal and business performance, by improving wellbeing for themselves and others.

Follow up activity

Many organisations choose to follow up with Penny and her team to deliver personal and organisational neuro transformation. This allows them to access, develop and sustain resilient performance and wellbeing through applied neuroscience-based diagnostic tools, neuro coaching and development interventions.

Please ask about the Mental Toughness Program for further information. The Mental Toughness Programme is based on one-to-one and team coaching for leaders, mid-management and individuals looking to transform performance

About Penny

Penny Mallory is an International Keynote Speaker who draws on her experiences as a homeless teenager who fulfilled her impossible dream of becoming a Champion Rally Driver. Against all the odds, Penny became the first (and remains the only) woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car, for the Ford Rally Team.
She is an expert in Mental Performance. Not only has she competed in the World Rally Championship, but she has also run multiple marathons, climbed the worlds highest summits, and fought in two boxing matches, amongst other things!

Penny is a Psychological Performance Coach who works within Sport and Business to improve performance and results, and create World Class Teams.

To find out more about Penny go to her full bio page HERE and see her introduction video clip below:

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