Leadership Mindset 2.0 with Social Enterprise & Business Speaker R. Michael Anderson

2nd May 2023

R. Michael Anderson is a business speaker with a unique combination of real-life experience in social enterprise and tech entrepreneurship. Plus with a Masters degree in psychology, Michael’s has taken his expertise of business and mindset to train some of the most successful global companies, including Microsoft, PwC, and Salesforce.

A prominent keynote speaker, Michael’s speeches focus on leadership secrets, how to scale up a
business, driving and embracing change, leading through adversity, reduce stress levels, time
management, and good worker/leader relationships.


To find out more about leadership business speaker Michael, take a look at his full speaker bio here.

Michael Anderson | Leadership Mindset 2.0

In addition to his speaking engagements, he contributes to entrepreneur.com, has been awarded Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and is the bestselling author of several leadership books, including:

  • The Experiment: Discover a Revolutionary Way to Manage Stress and Achieve Work-Life Balance
  • Soul-Centered Leadership (2017)
  • Leading in the Next Normal: A Guide to Building an Engaged, Resilient and Agile Virtual Workforce
Leading in the next normal R Michael Anderson keynote leadership speaker at Great British Speakers

In January 2023, Michael released his newest book, Leadership Mindset 2.0. In this latest release, Michael teaches readers how to ‘upgrade your mindset’, using proven techniques that are rooted in
neuroscience and psychology.

It aims to:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and develop an unshakeable level of self-confidence
  • Transform from a tactical expert to a strategic leader
  • Develop a leadership presence that people will naturally respect and follow
  • Engage, inspire and empower your team to ensure business growth.

What Are People Saying About Leadership Mindset 2.0?

Dr Marshall Goldsmith – Bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, says:

Leadership Mindset 2.0 will take you from good to great for your job, team and company! packed with actionable steps to start implementing today, and R. Michael Anderson’s profound knowledge as Social Entrepreneur of the Year, this is the book to read for every leader.”

Bestselling author of Maximum Achievement, No Excuses and Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy, says:

“This fast-moving, practical book shows you how to unlock your full potential for success, achievement, and unlimited income in a fast-moving world of greater competition. You learn how to get more done, faster than ever before.”

Tomáš Podprocký , a Design Assurance Director and Engineering Professional working for manufacturer BOBST, says:

“During the last couple of weeks, I had an exciting experience why? Because I read a book called #LeadershipMindset2.0 by R. Michael Anderson.

I picked it up because I was curious. While there are plenty of leadership books on the market – most of them speak about the “what” from the perspective of a generic organisation. Where Leadership Mindset 2.0 is different because it not only speaks about the “what”, but, more importantly, about the “why” things are happening, and “how” to possibly address them when you look inside of you.

It is not a book you read once and then keep on the shelf. I plan to read and revisit the book again and again. If you are on a leadership journey, do yourself a favour and read Leadership Mindset 2.0”.

Michael Anderson | Behind the Numbers

In early 2023, Michael sat down with bestselling author and speaker, Dave Bookbinder, on his show
Behind the Numbers. In the interview, Michael explains the neuroscience behind leadership, how to
move from tactical thinking to strategic thinking, shifts in mindset, and leadership ‘blind spots’.
You can listen to Michael below:

As a business speaker, Michael’s track record with blue-chip companies puts him in a unique position to help organisations of any size leverage the opportunities for growth that emerging from the COVID pandemic lockdown provides.

Leadership prior to the pandemic, during the pandemic, and post-pandemic all have their unique highs and lows, but it’s important to look at the “new normal” in leadership.

Michael recently sat down with Great British Speakers founder Jane Farnham as part of our ‘Chat With…’ podcast series to discuss this further:

Michael Anderson is available for a variety of business engagements, and can create a bespoke
sessions for each and every client. Specialising in leadership challenges and successes, the future of
leadership, and learning a leadership mindset, business speaker, Michael Anderson is the perfect choice for your leadership management event

To book leadership & business speaker, R. Michael Anderson for your next industry event, call +44 1753 439 289, or email bookings@greatbritishtalent.com.

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