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15th Apr 2024

‘AI For the Average Joe’ with AI expert Erica Farmer

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Book interactive AI workshops – a real hands-on experience that makes an immediate difference in your organisation.

Erica Farmer is the Business Director for Quantum Rise Talent Group. With over 20 years of experience in learning, development, apprenticeships, customer service and digital training, Erica is an advisory member on AI in the workplace.

Ai workshop facilitator Erica has worked with brands including British Gas, Costa Coffee, Fujitsu, LV, McDonalds, National Grid, the NHS, and Virgin, specialising in the future of work, skills, and digital learning.

Erica Farmer Ai workshop keynote speaker Learning development educational conference facilitator at agent Great British Speakers

Passionate about providing opportunities in business, driving innovation and thought leadership, she co-founded Quantum Rise Talent Group in 2021. She works with clients to increase their impact and results in the virtual, remote, and hybrid learning, coaching, and engagement areas.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world, and there is no doubt that most of us are using it in our roles, and in our day-to-day lives. Most people using it will not be experts in it. Therefore, it’s key that you engage the hearts and minds of your teams, clients, learners, and peers as part of your journey to adopt AI in your workplace.

The most forward-thinking of organisations are embracing the benefits that AI can bring to their business and their staff. Leaders are supported in enabling the required behaviours, digital ethics, and experiences for teams to build the skills needed.
But these aren’t just workplace skills, they are human skills that can be used in any personal or professional setting. To be successful, one must have a combination of AI, infrastructure, and people.

Erica has built three platforms to help upskill your team’s AI capabilities.

They’re available in various flexible combinations:

Interactive Skills L&D Learning Artificial Intelligence workshops speaker Erica Farmer book at Agent Great British Speakers

AI SKILLS FOR EVERYONE – KEYNOTE (with or without, interactive AI workshops delivery)

Erica offers a specialised keynote talk on AI, providing an interactive, innovative, and energetic address on new ideas and practical takeaways for using Generative AI in your organisation.
Explaining why winning the hearts and minds of your teams is fundamental for the adoption of AI, Erica explores the wider considerations of future skills to define the human/robot relationship.

By the end of the session, you’ll understand:

  1. 1. How to engage everyone in your organisation with Artificial Intelligence
  2. 2. What skills you need to develop for success in using Artificial Intelligence, and developing yourselves during the new technological revolution
  3. 3. How to move forward with a plan of action and next steps

But it doesn’t end there. Erica also provides a hands-on, inspirational, and exciting workshop or a combination of both.

You can find out more about Erica Farmers AI keynote talks on her main Great British Speakers page HERE, while below you can see her speaker showreel.


Interactive Artificial Intelligence workshops Erica Farmer book at Agent Great British Speakers

Focussing more on an individual’s skills and creativity, this hands-on workshop brings to life some of the concepts and questions outlined in Erica’s keynote speech.

Erica uses ChatGPT (or Co-Pilot if you prefer) showing how to prompt, how to use AI for work, and how to use AI for personal use. Everyone on a phone or laptop etc and really explore the WIIFM – it’s really fun!

This AI workshop can be delivered to a wide range of audience sizes and is highly inclusive no matter what the participants existing exposure to AI tech is and it’s available in person or online if you have colleagues who also work remotely.

Using the methodology created by Erica, she provides ways to reduce time, improve outcomes, and be more productive using AI.

In this engaging AI workshop, Your colleagues will also discover ways they can use AI which they might not have considered. Erica uses it to coach, role play, to complete tasks, help us make complex decisions, create content and more.

By the end of the AI workshop session, you’ll be able to:

  1. 1. Explore ways to build sustainable Artificial Intelligence practices in both personal and professional settings
  2. 2. Use Generative Artificial Intelligence apps in fun and practical ways that save you time and money
  3. 3. Share how you are already using Artificial Intelligence and see examples in other sectors

  4. But wait, there’s more!
Interactive Skills L&D Learning Artificial Intelligence workshops Erica Farmer book at Agent Great British Speakers


Alongside her informative keynote address and exciting AI workshop, Erica has created a podcast, offering new ways of thinking about Generative AI, additional learning, and CPD. Each episode shares further insights, building confidence in participants so that they keep going with their newly learned skills through practical demonstrations and interviews with expert guests.


AI Artificial Intelligence workshops learning development Erica Farmer Business Speaker book at agent Great British Speakers

Amazing client feedback…

Erica has been established as one of the thought leaders in engagement in generative artificial intelligence and future skills for some time now, and excel at bringing excitement and inspiration to this area. They look at this innovation through the people lens, considering what is needed in how to win the hearts and minds of our teams, learners, clients, and organisations, which makes this particularly refreshing and digestible.
Erica is a very easy listening professional speaker, with an added fizz of energy and enthusiasm for creative disruption. Quantum Rise represents vision and innovation to challenge the traditional and typical.

Dr Mandy Crawford-Lee, Chief Executive, University Vocational Awards Council

It was a fantastic session, thank you Erica. We have all come away from the session with not only the confidence but also it has opened our minds as to how Gen AI will be  our own personalised partner. I am excited to use it to support trend analysis and ideas generation and creativity to continue our journey of improving the journey for our learners and coaches.

Head of Quality, Lifetime Training


In considering Erica for your upcoming event, you’re not just hiring a speaker or an AI workshop facilitator; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to ensuring the success of your personal and/or professional AI endeavours. From winning hearts and minds with her practical workshop to inspiring audiences with her forward-thinking, Erica; style is a brilliant balance between fun, provocative, and professional.

Erica Farmer Ai workshop keynote speaker Learning development education conference facilitator at agent Great British Speakers

She is refreshing, straight-talking, and walks the walk!

Contact Great British Speakers now on 01753 439 289, or email to find out more about how AI workshop expert Erica Farmer can help you explore, challenge, and develop your company’s skills in utilising Generative Artificial Intelligence.

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