Live Events Announcers and Why Your Event Needs One?

24th May 2021

For pretty obvious reasons, there haven’t been many (if any) occasions to hire a live events host over the last year. But with venues and events now slowly opening their doors, perhaps it’s time to consider who will be your ”Voice of God at your next coporate business event?

What is a ‘Voice of God’ Artist?

A ‘Voice of God’ (VOG) artist is a role in-between host and announcer. It’s their job to part-host perhaps interacting with the audience and helping to ensure the event runs smoothly, but also to make announcements, such as introducing speakers or inviting award winners onto the stage.

What are the benefits of hiring a ‘Voice of God’

Whether live or pre-recorded, a ‘VOG’ artist is a great way to make the event memorable by adding some Hollywood-award glamour. Just check out Gina’s ‘VOG’ reel below, which includes her work with BAFTA.

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With a professional ‘VOG,’ their experience sets them in good stead to make impromptu commentary and unexpected last second changes which creates uniqueness and spontaneity to every situation and event, increasing entertainment and eliminating the ”cringe factor”. Plus their authority and seamless continuation that a really enthusiastic announcer adds can elevate your event to the highest professional level. 

Live or Pre-Recorded?

One of the best things about hiring a ‘Voice Of God’ artist is that their commentary can be pre-recorded (a great option if you’re looking to mix the audio with some video content) or be spoken live!

A definite plus point to having the audio pre-recorded is that the script can be tweaked and mistakes rectified. This is great if you wish to edit voiceover to video for example or have any tricky name pronunciations that the artist has to learn.

But there’s no doubt that a pre-record ‘VOG’ can lack charisma. Allowing your ‘VOG’ to host live, can definitely bring a spark of personality and additional humour to the event

As true professionals, what they say might sound ‘off-the cuff’, but it certainly isn’t – they know how to deliver, entertain and engage! 

Make an Enquiry…

At Great British Voices, all our Voice of God Announcers are the true definition of professionals, from BAFTA to the London Olympics 2012, and so many corporate clients in-between.

If pre-recorded is preferred, then know that ALL of our ‘VOG’ artists have professional home studios, so they can deliver pre-record content remotely (and can be directed via Zoom, Teams or similar) – or they can travel to a studio of your choice. However, if you’d prefer the artist to host live, then our Voice of God artist can also attend the event in-person to host any commentary required.


We are a boutique bureau and only list the best of the best when it comes to our talent. Our lives hosts are true professionals, many of which you may even recognise as some of the UK’s most popular TV personalities.

To book any of our ‘Voice of God‘ talents or Celebrity Voices contact Alex – or call +44 1753 439 289

Contact Us.

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