Happy New Year from Great British Presenters!

31st Dec 2020

A very Happy New Year from the team at Great British Presenters!

It’s been a funny old year to say the least and looks set to continue with uncertainty into 2021, but hopefully for not much longer.

In February we had our usual stand at Confex, and for the first time this event was held at EXCEL at London’s docklands. Little did we know that literally 3 weeks later it was to become the Nightingale Hospital.

Sadly, but for obvious reasons, our two other shows that year, CHS in Leeds and Birmingham then Venues and Events Live in Old Billingsgate were postponed.

We hope to be back at them all and say ‘HI’ to friends old and new at all these as soon as it’s safe.

Initial Effects…

Like many, we saw a sharp fall-off in activity in March with many location shoots cancelled, particularly from overseas with presenters being unable to travel.

However, that encouraged many of our presenters to adapt to meet clients needs and set up their own home studios, so they could continue to offer green screen recording services remotely.

In the background of all the spring disruption, we rebuilt the website from the ground up with lots of new features.

Since we launched, we’ve carefully reconstructed the site on multiple occasions to make it more client friendly – taking time to chat with clients and research on how we can make our service even better.

This time we’ve added to our talent base with British and international presenters located worldwide and those with home studios so you have the right talent just where you need it. Additionally, many of our new team members can speak multiple languages saving huge amounts of time and money when it comes to multilingual versions of videos and live events.

And of course Great British Presenters has two companion sites, Great British Voices and Great British Speakers jam-packed with talent from the corporate and broadcast world available to add value to your project.


We look forward to working with you in 2021!

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