Change and Innovation…by Magic

20th Feb 2020

A leading London specialist school and centre for autism got in touch recently.  They were looking for an inspirational speaker to help motivate and inspire their staff with creative thinking. Magician Christopher Howell immediately came to the fore.

Christopher Howell Magic Circle Magician Keynote Speaker Creative thinking book at Great British Speakers

The head was planning a launch event talk about changing mindsets and cultures during the key session employing creative thinking. He wanted a talk that was both entertaining and inspirational while it taught crucial skills for employees as the upcoming changes take hold. 

The organization was about to enter into the first of a three-year period of major structural change.  As usual with such things, some employees were on board with it but some were more sceptical.  

Christopher was invited first to use his magic to help illustrate the opportunities that change holds.

Second, it was important that the group were inspired to go forward.  Christopher aimed to show the power that each individual has with regard to being an innovative key player in thriving with the change. 

The secret: you develop your creative thinking skills. 

Everyone knows it’s a ‘good idea’ but most people have no idea how to start. He gave the audience tools they can immediately put to work to exercise their creative muscles. 

It’s by empowering individuals to be creative key players in an organization’s change that the changes will be full of positive innovation.

Christopher Howell inspirational creativity magician at Great British Speakers


“I would highly recommend Christopher to any organisation looking for an inspirational and motivating speaker. The magic and activities were incredibly engaging, especially for an audience full of educational professionals. He delivers the key messages calmly and effectively and had the audience totally captivated for the whole session.

Christopher was diligent, extremely professional and well organised in discussing the event beforehand to find out our session objectives and the scope of the session. He planned it to ensure the whole session had intriguing practical magical elements to highlight the theoretical knowledge he shared.

The topic of creativity and imagination really resonated with all of our staff, making them reflect on their practice and how our organisation works effectively. It was refreshing to see such practical ‘tricks’ to highlight how our mindset works and how we can open our mind to new possibilities.”


“It was a really powerful and fun way of making us think about how much we are all liable to developing habits of thinking and behaving which hugely limit our ability to realise our potentials and make a positive difference in the world with creative thinking.”

“It really made me start to reflect on how I was feeling about my role and wellbeing and next steps.  It was lighthearted and intriguing.”

“He was a really inspiring speaker. It was both fun and thought-provoking. I think he did really well to hold the audience for so long, as well as doing an amazing job in making it relevant to us: a splendid evening! “

“I thought it was a brilliant session. He was extremely impressionable and captivating.  Made me think I could make small changes to many aspects of my life (work/as a Mother/friend etc).I wish it could have been longer!!”

“I thought the whole evening was really good.  It was so different from our usual experiences that it perfectly showcased ‘creative thinking’.”


As a magician, Christopher Howell has performed around the world including at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Wintergarten in Berlin and in theatres in London’s West End.  His talks and workshops have also taken him internationally to present to diverse audiences such as KPMG, Google, Linklaters, BBC, Danone, Volkswagen, ARUP, Ideagen and many many more. 

It prompted Google to say:

“Christopher’s unique approach to unpacking and landing key principles in a way that is engaging, magical and entertaining, elevated our summit to be the best event of the year. “

To find out more about Magic Circle Magician, Speaker and Host Christopher, see his showreel and his bio page go HERE

Christopher Howell Magician creativity creative thinking innovation speaker at Great British Speakers

To hire Christopher to inspire your audience to talk about change, innovation and creativity, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers on 0044 1753 439 289

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