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26th May 2021

It’s been one of the busiest months at Great British Presenters, and whether our clients have needed a presenter in the UK or further afield, we’ve proven to be a go to supplier of the best of British (and international) presenters!

Now Covid restrictions are easing, we’ve been able to send our presenters back to the studio to host a variety of corporate projects and even some hybrid-events.

Here’s a quick run down of just some of the wide variety of assignments our presenters worked on last month …

Despite the COVID and new Brexit arrangements, James has been back in Germany presenting a product walkthrough for one of our automotive clients.

It took several weeks of planning and research to arrange all the necessary paperwork for James’s 4 day trip. The end result however, was smooth and trouble-free with no delays or paperwork issues and the client was delighted with James professionalism and delivery. This probably explains why the director continues to invite him back again and again!

To find out more about James go to his full bio page HERE and to book call us on 01753 439289 or contact us

Our ever-popular broadcast journalist Nadira presented a series of both live and recorded virtual presentations for global IT clients

We never have any reservations about sending Nadira out into a fast moving live production environment. 

For this job, she was moderating a 4 day international virtual summit of speakers from around the world in different time zones.

Her dedication into researching the  specialist tech content meant she was able to moderate live input from around the globe and pull together a cohesive story for the audience of the event.

Nadira can also self produce and direct as an integrated production team member. Previously, she has worked on a number of high profile business events such as the Davos economic summit.

To find out more about Nadira go to her full bio page HERE and to book call us on 01753 439289 or contact us

Immy headed back to the BRITS again this year for the 3rd consecutive year

This year, it was a socially distanced event and Immy recorded a BRIT’s highlights package in both Spanish and Mexican Spanish. Previously, she’s hosted this content for the BRITS in Italian also.

Immy can speak Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French.

To find out more go to her full bio page HERE and to book call us on 01753 439289 or contact us

Ashley presents the latest printing tech onto a virtual platform

Ashley is currently reporting on the Giro D’Italia cycling event, but before he left, he hosted a hybrid event for one of our longest standing corporate clients in the print industry.

Ashley is a true pro and is loved by our corporate clients, he has a real talent for bringing quite flat technical presentations to life and is a real ‘one take wonder’.

Ashley is fluent in French & Italian, with working knowledge of Spanish and is a regular on European Sports channels having reported from Tour De France, Soccer and even the London 2012 Olympics.

To find out more go to her full bio page HERE and to book call us on 01753 439289 or contact us

Gary joins the our growing team of ‘cohort presenters’ for our global Fintech client –

Over the years, we’ve provided our Fintech client with a host of talents for their corporate explainer videos and last month Gary joined the team. 
Here at Great British Presenters, we’re always happy to help clients with long-term projects and able to provide a variety of talents (from our 230+ presenters) who fit the clients brief and budget – and most importantly, offer professional presenting quality on any job they front.

Here’s a short example of Gary and our other Great British Presenters in this fintech cohort doing what they do best.

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If you’re not quite ready to get back into the studio, we have plenty of presenters who are now set up to record from home, with their own professional equipment and green screen.


Just get in touch and we can compile a shortlist of presenters based on your brief and your budget – and then you can choose who is the best fit for the project in hand.

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