Arthur Cassidy gives insight into the body language of the Royal Wedding

30th Apr 2018

Known as the ‘Celebrity Doctor’ Dr Arthur Cassidy is a body language TV Presenter, Social Media & Celebrity Psychologist working for many of the leading TV broadcasters in the UK and Overseas.


Arthur has been selected as a specialist contributor for a high profile ITV documentary on Prince Harry Four Weddings to be shown on prime time ITV Thursday 3rd May 9-00 pm.

Dr Arthur CAssidy TV celebrity psychologist from Great British Speakers

He says…

“I was approached by a TV Production company as an expert on body language, who were commissioned to do a prime time Royal documentary on Prince Harry and Meghan. The title of the Documentary is ” Prince Harry’s Story: Four Royal Weddings.” Its embargoed until today 24th April by ITV. The documentary charts Harry’s journey from a childhood touched by grief and tragedy, through active service as a soldier in Afghanistan and his later charity work, up to his upcoming wedding as Prince charming to the girl of his dreams, through the prism of the most important turning points in his life- four Royal weddings and his mothers’ tragic death. The Royal documentary is told in an exciting new and unique way featuring stunning Royal footage, dramatic newsreel and insightful and entertaining commentary from Royal sources, historians, journalists and figures from throughout his life and career. The documentary reveals the impact of four Royal weddings, Prince Charles and Diana, Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, and his own forthcoming marriage to Meghan Markle. alongside the funeral of his mother Diana– have shaped his life and made him the respected figure he is today.

Contributors include Carolyn Robb Royal Chef to Charles and Diana at Kensington Palace and Highgrove, William French,former Royal Butler on Royal Yacht Britannia and Kensington Palace, Steve Hoare a guitarist for covers band who played near Highgrove, whose music Harry enjoyed with his underage pints, Major Pun for the Ghurkas regiment, a close friend of Harry’s, Chief of the General Staff Lord Dannatt British Military Commander,. Other significant contributors are Dominic Reid of the Invictus games, Dickie Arbiter, former Press Secretary to the Queen, Ken Wharfe, Royal Bodyguard, Geri Horner Spice Girls, Dr Arthur Cassidy Celebrity Psychologist, Dominic Sandbrook Social Historian Kings College Prof, Andrew Morton Biographer, Duncan Larcombe, Author and Robert Jobson, Afua Hirsch Barrister , Emily Nash Royal commentator Hello Magazine..

My role is to explain the psychological impact of Diana and Charles divorce on 12 yr old Prince Harry, his perception of it and how the profound loss influenced his emotions. I went on to describe what this situation did to the boys and then the effect of leaving Diana and Charles to go to boarding school. . The distress rebellious acts pranks etc. I explored his relationship to his grandmother the Queen and her protective factors of Harry and William.. Furthermore, I discussed the psychological reasons for his many pranks at Eton and also how the army provided normality for the young Prince His celebrity status was modestly displayed in his army career where he wished to be treated like all the lads the ordinary soldiers, and his charismatic influence and empathy that motivated him to care for injured soldiers which led to the formation of the Invictus Games. I went on to explain his motives and concern for the UK’s teenagers mental Health and the ability to talk openly about their emotions and fears”.

To book body language expert Arthur Cassidy for speaking, presenting and media assignments contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439 289

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