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14th Feb 2023

Darren Stanton – also known as The Human Lie Detector – is the UK’s number one Body Language and Behavioural Expert, appearing on live and recorded television programmes such as Crime Stories (2017) and Rob Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets (2022), both alongside Judge Robert Rinder, The One Show, Tonight LIVE With Mark Dolan (2021-2022), Question Time, Make Me Prime Minister (2022), and This Morning. He has also covered some of the world’s biggest events, including General Elections, the Prince Andrew interview, the court case between Coleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy, and the G7 Summits.

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More About Body Language Expert Darren Stanton

Prior to becoming the expert he is today, Darren spent his life dealing with criminals as a Police Officer. He has since combined this with over two decades worth of experience in body language to become one of the world’s leading voices in detecting lies, deception, influence, motivation and persuasion.

Who has Darren Analysed?

Darren has assessed some of the world’s biggest names across industries, determining whether they have been telling the truth or if they’ve been deceiving us.

Darren Stanton The Body language of Acting Celebrities

One of the most high-profile cases Darren has worked on was regarding Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. He has been reporting on them since as early as 2016, when they were supposedly happily married. He has spoken out about obvious hostility in their relationship and the lack of chemistry or intimacy.

He also appeared on This Morning in 2016, where he discussed whether Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s relationship was genuine or whether it was all a PR stunt for his upcoming projects.

One of Darren’s most recent jobs has been about the infamous Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar drama. If you’re not aware of it, Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s shaved head whilst presenting at the Oscars. Whilst initially laughing, Smith stormed the stage and slapped Rock on live television. Many people thought this was faked to improve viewing figures. However, American television is very strict about broadcasting bad language, and Smith was heard swearing on a couple of occasions. Darren has written about how he believes this slap couldn’t be faked, thanks to Jada’s uncomfortable body language and Will’s emotional response.

Darren Stanton The Body language of Politicians

Darren has commented on several politicians during his career, looking into their credibility, honesty and out-and-out lies. One high-profile case he looked into was that of Dominic Cummings and his response to how the UK Government handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Darren said that Cummings’ “gestures were totally in harmony” with someone telling what they believe to be the truth.

He has also appeared on UK and US television to talk about their respective elections and whether the candidates’ body language shows them to be honest or dishonest. This includes the 2017 General Election between the likes of Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, and Nicola Sturgeon, as well as the 2016 US Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Darren Stanton The Body language of Royalty

Darren has recently started reporting on the body language of members of the British Royal Family. A family once in the background, serving the country without personal drama, the Royal Family have become headline news over the last few years, which makes for a very exciting time for Darren Stanton.

He has analysed everyone from Prince Andrew to Prince Harry and Meghan, the Prince and Princess of Wales and King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla.

Thanks to the TV interview Prince Andrew did with Emily Maitlis, Darren was able to see the Duke’s physical reaction to the interrogation of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Due to his body language – including intense eye contact, keeping his legs crossed throughout, and rapid blinking – Darren noted that “Prince Andrew at times appeared to feign or overcompensate some expression surprise…it didn’t appear to be genuine…I believe he has been heavily coached”.

Darren Stanton The Human Lie Detector Prince Andrew body language book at Great British Speakers

He has also analysed the difference between the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, especially since Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior members of the family. Whilst a part of the family, Darren noted that Meghan looked to be constantly reassuring Harry, whilst William and Catherine seemed constantly natural and equal partners. He has also analysed how The Wales’ have responded since the Sussex’s tell-all interviews, noting that they are consistent, passionate, and believe in a business-as-usual approach.

Darren Stanton The Body language of Television Celebrities

As well as being part of a number of interesting television programmes, Darren has commented on several popular programmes in regard to the participant’s body language and facial expressions. These include Strictly Come Dancing, where Darren was able to analyse the contestants and provide his own opinion as to who would do well in the show. He has also looked into popular shows Love Island and The Apprentice and has described how their body language can give away the truth, the dishonesty, and the desires of those involved.

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Darren Stanton The Body language of the workplace

So, how can Darren help your business, your employees, and your work/life balance?

Through his experience in the police force and his 20+ years of body language analysis experience, Darren has built up an expertise that is second to none. He offers keynote speeches at large events, intimate workshop sessions, and recruitment training.  

Darren Stanton The Body language main speaking themes:

– Body Language

– Influence and Persuasion

– Human Behaviour

– Deception Detection

– Motivation

– Conflict Resolution

– Enhanced Sales Techniques

Corporate clients include the BBC, Chicago Town Pizza, Cosmopolitan, Costa Coffee, Huffington Post, The Independent, ITV, MTV, The National Air Traffic Control Service, Nottinghamshire Police, PlayStation, and the University of Essex.

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Hire Body Language and Behavioural Expert DARREN Stanton

One of the top behavioural and body language analysis experts in the world, Darren Stanton, is available for private and corporate events, intimate business meetings, training sessions, and keynote speaking engagements.

Find out more about Darren on his Great British Speakers bio page HERE

If you’d like to book body language and behaviour speaker Darren Stanton for your business event, then contact us at Great British Speakers. Email bookings@greatbritishtalent.com or call +44 1753 439 289.

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