Bi lingual Presenter Della Goes for a Clean Sweep with Dyson

3rd Dec 2017

We sent Della out on Oxford Street in Central London recently presenting an internal communications video for Dyson.

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A bi lingual presenter, Della can present fluent English and French making her a very useful member of any corporate sales team, on or off the stage.

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Della is an experienced British-Asian Presenter who has worked for some major brands including Marks and Spencers, Google, British Gas and Virgin Atlantic. She started Presenting 10 years ago after appearing in Channel 4 “Shipwrecked” after which clients just fell in love with her bubbly and friendly nature.

We were able to put her forward to the production company client with only a few days notice, and whilst they chose Della, they really appreciated our ability to give them a choice of several presenters.

Della trained in Musical Theatre and is a Grade 8 pianist, so her specialist subjects include musicals, performance and music.

She is also much in demand for her modelling work and has appeared in a huge number of high profile TV commercials including B&Q, X-Box, Calpol, Baileys, Morrisons, Skype, Canon, Sainsbury’s, Nokia and New Look.

Her abilities prompted John McGraffon, Director of Fundamental Films Ltd to say…

“I cast Della on the basis that she could do the job on the day, but she gave so much more than that – she was lovely to work with, gave above and beyond what the client was asking for and all the while with a smile on her face. My client was happy and therefore so was I”

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Della co-presenting with swimmer Mark Foster who is also available on our sister site GREAT BRITISH SPEAKERS

And Steve from PD Productions said…

“I organised a 2 week shoot for in-house videos for Barclays. Della was the perfect presenter – never complained, even though the hours were long and the tasks, endless. Della excelled at the interview process, making our guests feel welcome and at ease in front of a camera. She learnt her lines perfectly and was able to take direction well. An absolute star.”

We can’t show you the video as it was an internal cooms communication but you can see Della here in her presenter showreel…

To hire bi lingual presenter Della or another of our Exhibition Stand/Product Demonstrators or Video Presenters contact us.

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Della,-English,-French,-Speaking,-multilingual,-video-presenter,-live-events-host,-book at-agent-Great-British-Presenters,

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