3 Ways To Reduce Stress in 5 Minutes – with Mindful Sales Speaker Anis Qizilbash

9th Mar 2023

In today’s fast-past world it’s important we learn how to manage and reduce stress.

Anis Qizilbash is an experienced keynote speaker on Mindful Sales, Mindset and Workplace Wellbeing, who teaches clients how to secure the deal, reduce stress and increase overall productivity; she know the cognitive tricks to help you stop procrastinating, overcome fears, and appreciate your value. 

Individuals and companies alike have reported a drive in motivation, an increase productivity and a boost in team performance after a talk from Anis!

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Today’s sales leaders & teams face ever-changing uncertainty from the slow-down of global growth, the onset of automation, the upheaval of client’s desires. Critical to growing sales is building trust and commitment fast. But you can’t do this when you’re in survival mode.

Anis Qizilbash

So often an unhealthy work-life balance can lead to heightened stress and this can negativity effect how we conduct ourselves, both at home and at work. Anis’ mission is to help client’s reduce those stresses so they can have a more productive, positive outlook – having gained the tools to solve problems and overcome them with as little stress as possible.


– written by Anis Qizilbash

Don’t Take Stress Lightly – it has profound impacts on wellbeing and your bottom line.

Humans spend approximately 6-8 hours a day ruminating on past events, worrying about the future, and worrying about what could go wrong. This excessive thinking activates brain regions associated with greater levels of stress, indicating that it is our own thoughts that play an important role in how we respond to stress.

The impact of this kind of stress on mental health can be severe if left unchecked. Oxytocin, a chemical which plays an important role in regulating communication within relationships, is lowered when we are feeling stressed, leading to more negative communication and increased conflict.

These serve as an important reminder that the way we think and feel can have profound impacts on our overall wellbeing and should not be taken lightly. As is so often the case with human behaviour, our natural instinct is to wait until we are in danger before taking action. In light of this, I’ll share a three negative consequences stress can have on your business’ bottom line in the short-term.  

1. When you’re stressed you find it difficult to manage emotions, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, short-tempered and frustrated. Not particularly useful when you’re renewing a client’s business.

2. Stress causes difficulty communicating thoughts and feelings effectively, avoidance of difficult conversations, or you don’t speak up when needed. How will you challenge assumptions, deliver delightful service, overturn objections when you avoid those difficult conversations?

3. When you’re stressed, you’re in survival mode which reduces your ability to understand other people’s  perspectives and feelings. How will you solve problems if you don’t understand them?

Anis Qizilbash workplace stress mindful sales speaker great british speakers agency

Here are three ways to reduce stress-induced cortisol in less than five minutes so you’re ready for that crucial meeting or call:

1. Taking slow, deep breaths can help lower your cortisol levels. But you must pay attention to your breathing whilst doing it.

2. Taking a cold shower or splashing cold water on your face can reduce cortisol quickly as it activates the calm nervous system.

3. Get off the tube/ bus two stops early and walk or take the stairs instead of the escalator.

Which one will you try next time you feel stressed?


As part of our ‘Chat With…’ podcast series at Great British Speakers, our director Jane Farnham sat down with Anis to talk about how she started her approach to stress awareness and mindful-sales practice.


Not only is Anis is able to provided a number of tips to lower your stress levels, improve mental health but when it comes to business sales, Anis has the experience and expertise to help you create a connection and make the sale. .

Through Anis’ interactive and inspiring keynotes, your team will not only discover simple strategies to break through blocks. They will be excited to implement them, too.

Anis’ keynote talks have been in demand by a range of blue-chip companies, especially in a post-lockdown world. Some of her most recent keynotes ‘Mindful Selling’, ‘Serve Instead of Sell’, ‘One Breath Away’ and ‘Build Resilience, Restore Balance’. Find out more about Anis’ motivational sales keynote talks HERE.

Anis Qizilbash mindful sales keynote speaker at Great British Speakers

Clients range from education to the public sector, entrepreneurs and women’s empowerment; these include Meadow foods, Axis communications, Soho House, the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs, EdSpace, Geovation, Royal Borough of Greenwich, British Library, HM Land Registry, University of the Arts London, City University London, among many, many more.


Anis is working alongside us at Great British Speakers, to help our clients with their workplace wellness this Stress Awareness Month (April) and Mental Health Awareness Week (15th-21st May).

Find out more about Anis Qizilbash on her main bio page HERE or click the link below to view our top 10 Stress Awareness Speakers, where Anis also features! To book Anis, or any of our other stress awareness speakers, contact Great British Speakers at +44 1753 439 289 or email bookings@greatbritishtalent.com


Take a look at our Top Ten Speakers for Mental Health Awareness Week (May 15th – 21st) below – all of our Mental Health Speakers are available for events all year around so whatever your event, we’d love to assist you in helping you find the perfect speaker for the occasion.



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