Vladimer Botsvadze

Vladimer Botsvadze

Vladimer Botsvadze is a globally renowned marketing thought leader, speaker, and influencer with over 130,000 followers on social media. He has been recognised by numerous prestigious organisations and magazines, receiving over 100 global awards for his contributions to marketing and business and was named No. 1 Global Thought Leader in these domains by Thinkers360.

His impactful presence extends to his social media platforms, where he commands a follower base of 130,000 individuals. A prominent figure in the industry, Vladimer Botsvadze has elevated his status to become a revered keynote speaker, advisor, and thought leader, earning accolades and recognition from both Exeleon Magazine and various prestigious global awards.

Vladimer Botsvadze is known for his keynote speeches, advisory board positions, and mentorship roles. His areas of expertise include personal branding, the future of marketing, digital transformation, storytelling, and the impact of emerging technologies like AI and AR.

He emphasises the importance of customer-centric strategies and engagement through social media. He draws lessons from successful brands like Amazon and offers insights into leveraging technologies such as AI and 5G for business growth. With a track record of driving change and delivering impactful speeches worldwide, Vladimer is a sought-after figure in the marketing industry.

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”Vladimer is one step ahead the rest of the world in moving mountains with digital technology.”

Dr. Diane Hamilton, Business Behavioral Expert, Creator of the Curiosity Code Index, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Media Personality, Thinkers50 Radar 

”Vladimer is the world’s best digital marketing consultant, speaker, professor and influencer who inspires audiences and helps them stand out worldwide. His 105,000 followers demonstrate that his ideas impact businesses worldwide. Brands enjoy working with Vladimer because of his unparalleled experience and matchless expertise. Working with Vladimer means instant success for you and your company.”

Jennifer Schibitzki, Account Director at GroundTruth

”Vladimer Botsvadze is the global authority on digital marketing, an award-winning social media strategist, brand evangelist, keynote speaker, blogger, professor and consultant. His track record and know-how ensure you get a world-class solution to your social media and digital marketing needs. He always exceeds expectations.”

Terence Mauri, Entrepreneur Mentor at London Business School, MIT Solve Mentor and Inc. Magazine Writer

”Vladimer is a force of passion and unique insights for business. His energy and knowledge will take you to a higher level of entrepreneurship. He is one of the top brands in the field of digital change and truly has understood the future of success. As an international speaker, mentor and consultant he goes deeper and therefore reaches higher. Vladimer is a refreshing delight when it comes to a leading business mindset in disrupting times. Rightly he has a big name in the international speaker and consulting scene.”

Kirstine Fratz, a Keynote Speaker at Premium Speakers Germany

”With his vision and forward-thinking approach, Vladimer is a true master of the digital world. Packed with enthusiasm for creating compelling content and knowledge on how to leverage platforms and technology to create impactful results, he’s always ahead of the curve. He is a digital visionary who brings passion to every conversation. Vladimer has invaluable insights into what new heights can be achieved with modern digital marketing strategies if you’re willing to put in the work. Let him educate your marketing teams as they prepare for the future.”

Danielle Hershman, Strategic Healthcare Director at Cisco

”I had the honor and opportunity to interview Vladimer for my podcast, The Business Power Hour. Wow! He was an incredible source of information, wisdom, and inspiration. His knowledge and expertise are phenomenal. I can’t wait to interview him again.”

Deb Krier, Program Host at The Business Power Hour

”Vladimer’s work ethic and drive is impressive, and where he is today after 15 years in his field has been only made possible by the true dedication and commitment he has put in every day. Before and after the recording I learned so much about this dynamo and he offered guidance and support to me as well. Credit where it’s due, Vladimer is a ”giver”.

Melanie Boylan, Journalist at Irish Tech News 

”Vladimer has not only become No. 1 Marketing, AI and Digital Transformation Influencer by Thinkers360, but also he is the most awarded influencer globally. His clients generate billion-dollar growth in revenue. Vladimer is a born leader, who is respected by everyone. He possesses the unique talent who inspires 40 million people annually through speeches, blog posts and social media content. He wins attention in every social network that dominates the screen. He gives every project 150% and he is an inspiration to everyone he interacts with. Vladimer sees the world faster, clearer and easier than the majority I know. He is a visionary who drives positive change worldwide. I’m glad to know such a highly skilled person and always looking forward to meeting him on global stage.”

Denisa Scundea, Former Customer Service Representative at BMW Group and Digital Consultant at Denisa Scundea Consulting

”Vladimer is an inspiration for the marketing world. He always questions the status quo to drive marketing innovation. I’m happy to be able to call him a business partner.”

Maximilian Hedt, Business Development Consultant at Google 

”Vladimer is a social media expert who knows how to engage his audience and offer them insight that will challenge the way they think about digital marketing. He is informative, relevant, and always on the pulse.”

Patrick Kalotis, Senior Vice President at PepsiCo

”Vladimer is a leading expert in the field of online marketing and branding. He provides daily useful insights on digital and social networks. He is skilled at creating and maintaining relationships with people all over the world.”

Michele Ferraris, Marketing Manager at AC Milan

”Vladimer is an impressive communicator within both global and local channels. He demonstrates a depth of knowledge in digital and online strategy that is of expert capacity with a focus for results. Vladimer has a willingness to share knowledge and empower others to be successful. It’s a pleasure liaising with him globally and highly recommended.”

Derinda Brown, Vice President, Loyalty Solutions at MasterCard

”Vladimer is renowned for being an outstanding strategist and his depth of knowledge in all things digital marketing is both inspirational and admirable from a marketer’s perspective. Vladimer is also very personable and easy to relate to. He is always looking to deepen his connections and add value to any relationship he develops, both with clients and colleagues alike. I do not hesitate in recommending him.”

Sharni-Marie Barney, Director at Forj Marketing

”Vladimer is an impressive innovator who is by far a Top 100 Marketing Influencer and proves this every day. His posts reflect current topics on multiple areas of his expertise including social media, the economy, business, technology and common sense. He is bold, smart and creative as well as a wonderful communicator. Whether you need a consultant, speaker or board member, Vladimer will be an asset to your team or event. He has an engaging personality and an impressive network. Highly recommend!”

Lauren Fix, Automotive Expert

”Vladimer is an incredibly digitally savvy influencer and has an extensive experience in marketing, whose expertise I depend on hugely. He helps to create business opportunities and drive brand awareness for organizations of all sizes. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Vladimer as a true professional industry thought leader.”

Fatimah Radiom, Head of Global Marketing at MediaMath

”Vladimer is a thought leader, pioneer, early adopter and a visionary in the digital realm. He will educate, uplift, and influence your audience as a presenter and keep everyone in the loop for what the future has in store. Hiring Vladimer is what you want to reach new heights with your digital marketing.”

Suzanne Huber, CEO at Suzanne Huber Inc

”Vladimer is one of the world’s most influential marketers. Highly recommend.”

Nicholas Pillay, Marketing Program Manager at APJC

”Vladimer shows all the time his profound knowledge of digital marketing transformation. I find him to be a true inspiration.”

Stefan Laurell, CEO at BDHR

”Vladimer’s astute insights and practical wisdom have enabled organizations achieve stellar business results.”

Murad Salman Mirza, Contributing Author at HR.com

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