Varun Balsara

Varun Balsara

Varun Balsara is an award-winning entrepreneur, business platform creator and alumni from Warwick Business School.

In 2021 he co-founded Let’s Level Up, an intelligent platform designed to support coaches and course creators in building and scaling their online education businesses.

He began his entrepreneurial journey while at Warwick University, founding the startup ConnectUs. This was a platform created to tackle student isolation, which helped over 500 students find meaningful connections. 

Varun received an Outstanding Student Contribution Award (OSCA) at Warwick Unversity for his impactful work. He also served as an innovation fellow at Warwick University, promoting entrepreneurship on campus.

Varun is also a prominent public speaker, with his TED talk, What Impact Do You Want to Have on the World?. He co-hosted The Human Entrepreneur, a podcast that explored the human side of entrepreneurship. The podcast became an Apple Top 20 Podcast in under two years, gaining significant popularity.

He has been featured on various other podcasts, including the Millennial Investing podcast, where he discusses entrepreneurship alongside other top entrepreneurs and professors.

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