Shona Hirons

Shona Hirons

Shona Hirons is an award-winning resilience coach and motivational speaker with years of experience in law, physical wellbeing, mental health, and business coaching. She was awarded the Future Fit Training Inspired Award in 2019 for her achievements in fitness and nutrition and was named the Best Mental Health Provider in Somerset just two years later.

Working in law for two decades ended suddenly when she had a work-related breakdown. This stressful period led to a life-changing accident, leaving her with brain damage and needing major facial reconstructive surgery. This was shortly followed by a cancer diagnosis. The combination of these terrible things gave her the wake-up call she needed.

Feeling low, Shona used her recovery period to rebuild her resilience and self-belief, consider what she valued in life, and think about what she wanted to do with her career. First developing strategies to help herself, she now runs Mindset in Motion Ltd and has helped clients in over 55 countries.

Her aim? “To improve the wellbeing of people and businesses throughout the world”.

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“Shona Hirons partnered with Velocity Global as Resilience Coach over the past year. Shona first delivered her signature speech to our employees which truly resonated with so many of our people and we then asked Shona back to support our employees navigating through remote work in an international context (we have employees across 55+ countries across six continents). Shona talks with passion and from her own experience, and she has an amazing ability to apply a practical tool box enabling everyone she worked with to take ownership of their own boundaries, managing their time and responses more effectively and becoming an all around Resilience Coach. Thank you Shona!”

Sarah Fern – Chief People Officer


“I have been fortunate to hear Shona’s ‘Broken to Bionic’ talk and found it not only inspiring but very relevant.  Listening to ‘real life’ struggles turn to great success’s is very powerful and moving.  Shona puts this over in such a way that is engaging, interesting and useful.

The beauty of how Shona lays out her story, she wraps it with easy to understand and useful take away tools.  Not just a talk but useable tips on burnout, stress anxiety, self-management and more.

In today’s fast paced and high pressured environment, Shona’s message and content is not only useful, it is vital.

Fantastic speaker, author and coach.  Very highly recommended.” 

Stuart Hill – Commercial Director – Alpha Drive


“Unfortunately there’s no classification for “Shona gave a brilliant presentation at two of my events” but that’s precisely what she did and impressed me (and more importantly the delegates) so much that I’ve invited her to be part (a major part) of the Six O’Clock Club Small Business Summer School.

Shona has a great story to tell about how she overcame adversity but much more than this is the way she’s using that experience to help stressed out business owners (like me) achieve far better balance and purpose in their lives.

Whether you’re looking for a talented and inspirational speaker or seeking help to work smarter and bring the stress levels down in your business…

Speak to Shona!”

Mike Turner 


“I heard Shona give a keynote speech at an event in Bristol. She was engaging, insightful and amusing and I was hanging off every word. If you haven’t heard her story, then get yourself to an event she is speaking at. I also had the pleasure at sitting at her table for dinner and enjoyed chatting to her very much.”

Martin Papworth – Director and Safety Supervisor


“Quite recently I attended a meeting at which Shona took the speaking slot. I was impressed by the way she engaged the audience immediately and was willing to show some vulnerability which achieved empathy from the audience. Shona talked about her career and the learnings that had brought her to this event.
She has a great message for the attendees in terms of how you can use your thoughts to bring about the best outcomes for yourself.
There were plenty of questions asked after Shona spoke which in my book is a great sign of an audience really thinking about the message.
I would not hesitate to recommend Shona’s speaking ability especially her engagement skills and besides all that she really is a very nice person.”

Adrian Chase – Fulfilment Coach


“In 2021, The Jordan Legacy CIC was blessed to have several inspiring speakers at our very first Hope for Life (UK) Conference and your story Shona was truly inspirational and powerful. I remember thinking at the time, how can one person experience so much trauma and still keep going and actually thrive, not just exist.

If you’re looking to book an inspirational story about triumph over adversity, I can’t recommend Shona highly enough!!”

Steve Phillip – Suicide Prevention and Workplace Wellbeing Advocate


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