Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking is an inspirational speaker, passionate advocate for mental health, and a captivating storyteller. With a unique background as a former front-line Police Officer and a qualified mental health first aider, Rob brings a wealth of experience and insights to his speaking engagements.

Throughout his dynamic talks, Rob fearlessly shares his personal journey of overcoming adversity and finding happiness amidst the challenges of life. Drawing from his own struggles with mental health, thoughts of suicide, and traumatic experiences he witnessed as a Police Officer, he emphasises the importance of prioritising wellbeing and speaking about your mental health. Being in a macho culture where he felt that he couldn’t speak about his mental health struggles, he wore a mask and was always the one making others laugh and smile, though inside he was deeply unhappy. Rob now talks passionately about changing employer cultures creating safe spaces for their staff and the importance of open communication highlighting that everyone has mental health that needs to be looked after.

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“Rob’s presentation revolved around his wealth of personal experience in promoting happiness and holistic wellbeing, and he has an innate ability to captivate audiences with his storytelling prowess. His authenticity and heartfelt narratives resonated deeply with attendees, creating a truly moving experience.
As the CEO of Rise of Happiness, Rob embodies the organization’s ethos and dedication to promoting positivity and fostering overall wellness. I firmly believe that his insights, coupled with his natural ability to connect with diverse audiences, would make him an invaluable addition to your event.”
Celeste Miranda, Founder of Holistic Lifestyle Conference

“Rob’s talk reminded me of the power we all possess to shape our own lives and find happiness, even in the face of challenges. His genuine enthusiasm and contagious energy filled the room, creating an uplifting atmosphere that inspired everyone in attendance.
I was particularly moved by Rob’s practical tips and insights on cultivating happiness in our daily lives. His thought-provoking perspectives challenged me to reassess my own priorities and adopt a more intentional approach to finding joy.”
Bethel Ekaette, TEDx UWE Organiser

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