Prof Tanya Byron

Prof Tanya Byron

Tanya is a consultant clinical psychologist specialising in child and adolescent mental health. She has an NHS career spanning twenty years working in many areas of mental health.

Until 2003 she ran a national NHS beacon-awarded training programme for NHS and Social Care staff on Managing Aggression and Violence in the Professional context.

Tanya is a renowned broadcaster and has appeared as a presenter or on-screen expert on a range of shows including Child of Our Time(BBC1), Little Angels(BBC3) and House of Tiny Tearaways (BBC3)She also contributes regularly to a range of programmes on BBC Radio 4 such as All in the Mind.

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Tanya added real value to the discussion on a very important and serious issue. We’ve had very positive feedback about the panel from delegates.


Tanya blew people away with her rapid delivery, passion and insights. People were talking about her contributions right up to the end of the conference and emails continue to fly around!

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