Prof Sue Black OBE

Prof Sue Black OBE

Sue Black is the Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist at Durham University, a digital skills expert, social entrepreneur, consultant and international keynote speaker.

She has a computer science PhD, management and change management experience and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and excitement about the opportunities that technology offers.

Sue is a successful social media campaigner heading up the campaign to save Bletchley Park, with expertise in leadership and the equality challenges faced by the tech industry.

Type Of Speaker


“Sue is a delight to work with, full of enthusiasm, extremely knowledgeable … one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long time”

– Google

Dr Sue Black’s brilliance and determination resonate with her audiences in a humble, motivating and inspirational way.  While most of us will never earn a doctorate in computer science or save a historical site, you can’t walk away from Dr Sue’s message without being motivated to make a difference in your business, family or community. 

– Chubb

“Dr Sue Black is always a riveting speaker, with informative content and a personal warmth which makes her a pleasure to listen to. She has a clarity and an ability to get to the heart of something and in simple language which makes her a rare person.”

– House of Lords

“Sue is a phenomenon: she brings to life social media and IT”

– The Open University

“If I can do it, so can you!” This was the opening line of Prof. Sue Black’s speech at the second annual Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference in London on 4th September. She took us along on her incredible journey from a fascination with technology to saving Bletchley Park, becoming a catalyst for change for equal rights, paying it forward through #Techmums, and inspiring the next generation of computer scientists as a professor at Durham University. Sue had a profound impact on all of us through her contagious passion, optimism, and “prescription for success.” Professor Black is not only an extraordinary academic, technology evangelist, and social entrepreneur, but she is also a warm, open, and friendly human being who inspired and motivated our attendees not only on stage, but also off-s

– CEO at Girls in Tech, Inc.

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