Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland is a man with a lifelong passion for all things automotive – which has sadly affected his chances of working effectively in any other industry. A walking, talking encyclopedia of anything to do with the internal combustion process and a fervent advocate of the Wankel rotary engine, he is rarely invited to parties.

Thankfully, his boundless enthusiasm for any motorised conveyance has given him a 28 year career writing, selling, tuning, restoring, photographing and creating almost every kind of car currently known to man… as well as being the ‘go to’ guy for many of the UK’s leading automotive publishers when they need an authority on such matters.

He is widely in demand for presenting, speaking and hosting a wide range of automotive events internationally.

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Type Of Speaker


Professional (always)… Punctual (always)…Expert (genuinely knows his stuff inside and out and has covered for my lack of expertise on numerous occasions!)
But, the biggest compliments for me? Paul is a big man bursting with ideas & jam packed with positivity… a team player who makes filming fun.

JC Megson. Series Producer, Workerbee TV – ‘Motor Pickers’ & ‘World’s Greatest Cars’… Discovery

“Paul is a pleasure to work with. He is professional, punctual and polite. Paul is always respectful of the crew and the efforts that go on behind the scenes within a production. I have enjoyed his collaborative approach on location”

Chris Kershaw. Series Director, Salvage Hunters Classic Cars

‘Paul is an utter joy to work with. He brings infectious energy and humour to every shoot and is terrific at getting the best out of those around him. He’s always superbly well prepared and has a depth of knowledge and passion for the subject that shine bright on screen. I hope to work with him again very soon.’

John Widdup. Series Producer, Salvage Hunters Classic Cars

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