Warm, naturally engaging British voice with a mellifluous Welsh lilt. Noni has been described as a “highly talented voice actor” and ”a professional of the highest calibre” She is versatile with a fantastic ear for accents and is also a fluent Welsh speaker.

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Having recently worked with Noni, I would like to express my gratitude. Her speed and professionalism is second to none! Delivered a fantastic voiceover in exactly the tone of voice we were looking for in a matter of hours. I would highly recommend working with Noni. – Nick Cann – Motion Designer at Stray Wolf

Noni is a real pleasure to work with. She is extremely versatile and seems comfortable playing characters from a very wide range – from the most subtle to very vociferous. I was quite amazed at the power able to emanate from one so petite. – Nick Park and Steve Box – Directors at Aardman Features

At Golley Slater we deal with a broad range of voice over artists, but Noni is always at the top of our list. There’s a warmth and ease to her delivery which comes through in both English and Welsh, and has proved very popular with clients. – Alyn Farrow – Production Executive at Golley Slater Advertising

Noni is a canny Welsh actress with depth, technique and wit. Her stage instincts are good and her range (both vocal and emotional) is remarkable. I like working with her because she is funny and on time.
– Patrick Swanson – Artistic Director at Revels

Noni is one of my favourite voiceovers to work with, I not only get great results every time but she is fun to work with too! She is truly versatile and a true professional. – Graham Hellis – Director at ClearWave Productions Ltd

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