Nick Wallis

Nick Wallis

Nick began his career in journalism on XFM Radio in 1997 before moving to BBC Oxford where he worked as a travel reporter. In 2003, Nick moved to BBC Three to be part of the BBC’s expanding news service and in 2004, he joined Radio 1’s Newsbeat as a reporter.

During this time, Nick also freelanced as a presenter on BBC Radio 5 Live, Weekend Breakfast and Up All Night.

Type Of Speaker

Similar Talent

  • Recovered Drug Addict
  • TEDx Speaker/Journalist
  • Business Specialist
  • MA in Addiction Studies, King’s College London


  • FTSE 100 Clients
  • Business Psychology
  • Persuasion/Influence
  • Signature Keynote
  • London Barrister
  • Founder: Black Women In Law
  • Diversity & Inclusion Campaigner
  • D+I Speaker
  • Factual Presenter
  • Geography/Science
  • Curator/Lecturer
  • Roadshow Host