Matt Sims

Matt Sims

Matt Sims is a presenter, host, speaker, coach, consultant, and transformation leader, with a proven track record of engaging and inspiring audiences. His immense passion for continuous improvement, and his diverse skill set make him the ideal choice to elevate your event.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Matt Sims has worked with some of the world’s largest organisations including Amazon and The Royal mail to educate and inspire their employees.

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Matt Sims is one of the most engaging speakers. I watched as the audience leant in as he spoke, all captivated by his enthusiastic delivery style.

I have found it to be an invaluable resource in my journey as a change and continuous improvement practitioner.

Matt is an absolute legend…give his podcast a listen…if you are involved in reform or transformation it is simply a valuable resource.

Matt Sims is an amazing podcaster and speaker. When my book was published, I recorded many podcasts with a multitude of hosts. Matt stood out as one of the top podcasters that I spoke with.

Matt is a fabulous podcast host and technician. Matt has the rare gift of being able to engage in and steer a free flowing conversation that, whilst relaxed and open, delivers value.

Matt is an incredibly dynamic broadcaster and interviewer, and he has a genuine passion for the significant benefits that LEAN principles offer to both business and social process improvements. It was truly humbling to have the opportunity to contribute to his outstanding podcast. I was impressed by his remarkable talent for making interviewees feel at ease, and it was indeed a pleasure to be a part of his excellent podcast. I highly recommend giving it a listen, as it not only showcases real-life examples of how LEAN truly makes a difference but also explores the remarkable impact it has across a diverse range of industries and lifestyles.

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