Mark Soden

Mark Soden

Mark Soden is a former professional rugby player who uses his experiences to coach others on improving their performance, specialising in leadership, team and individual development.

His days playing rugby led to a deep interest in what makes teams and leaders shine, excel and develop and following his sporting career he applied this understanding in military organisations, other high-risk industries such as energy, shipping and construction, in the world of professional sport and in the corporate environment.

Since his sporting days, Mark Soden has worked with many teams and leaders, learning a lot about what motivates people and realising what inspires him. Mark now helps people have the difficult conversations, come to an uncomfortable but important place, to take the brave action needed to move forward and grow, be better and greater.

It was his dream to surround himself with a committed, caring and dynamic team who shared his love of helping others grow and be better. In 2015 he formed Cleartrack, an agency providing leadership, coaching and human factors programmes.

Cleartrack uses skills and experience gained in elite sports, military and business to help people to fail safely, providing a bridge between business, safety and human behaviours to elevate business success.

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