Luke Tyburski

Luke Tyburski

Luke Tyburski is an ultra-athlete, adventurer, author, and inspirational keynote speaker, who educates his audiences through his positivity, contagious enthusiasm, and his powerful story.

As an ex-professional footballer, Luke’s entire life has been about performing at the top level and overcoming obstacles on the way. He has since run down Mount Everest, ran through the Sahara Desert, and made his way through a Chinese tropical forest without any food, water, or money. He created his own ‘Ultimate Triathlon’ of running, swimming, and cycling 2,000km in 12 day from Morocco to Monaco.

Alongside his sporting career and his adventures, Luke has often struggled with his mental well-being, battling depression, insomnia, suicide attempts, and an eating disorder. Luke manages to combine all aspects of his life into a range of inspirational and motivational keynote speeches that will change the way you view each day.

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A first-class presentation delivered by a world-class public speaker. Luke kept our guests spellbound with his adventure stories. Informative, educational, inspiring, and very, very entertaining.
Jason King, Etchrock Director

Luke is an exceptional speaker, he manages to captivate his audiences with wit, charm, and enthusiasm.
Jamie Fricker, Fliplet Enterprises

Luke was inspiring and very motivational with his experiences and mindset. I thought it was a great insight into his processes and coping strategies; his delivery was both appropriate and intelligent.
Adam Day, Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team

Luke has a background that justifies his position as a leader in promoting a positive mindset to get you through any situation. His emotive stories and powerful strategies should be experienced by all.
Mike Burt, One Performance

Working with Luke has been a great investment. He is an enthusiastic keynote speaker, bursting with high-energy and empowerment. Luke’s ability to engage his audience is second to none.
Perry Osei Tutu, Godkind Digital Academy Founder

Luke was a pleasure to work with. He is so friendly, has such incredible energy and enthusiasm, from the winners to the last person that crossed that finish line. We had great comments from our competitors and we can’t wait to work with him again.
Jo Pickering, Event Manager of Challenging Events

Luke presents at several of our courses, and has done for many years now. He speaks with motivation and passion about his endurance challenges, his mindset coaching techniques, and the room is clearly inspired as they listen and interact with him during these talks. Luke is easy to listen to, captivates his audience and gives empowerment to those in front of him.
Matthew Snedden, Tigrent Learning UK Teacher, Legacy Education Alliance, Inc.

Energetic, passionate, crazy, extreme, raw, mind-blowing, no nonsense. The list goes on to describe this ultra-endurance athlete, adventurer, speaker, coach and author. He absolutely wowed the YES Group audience and had them spellbound as he talked about how he chooses his positive attitude every time he takes on a new challenge that pushes him to his extreme. I’ve no doubt that Luke will be back on our stage in the future.
Tony Snow, YES Group, Vice Chairman

Luke came to speak with a range of students from years 7-11. The students were really engaged especially when he talked through some of his life changing experiences. What seemed to make the most impact was when Luke talked about how he used his moments of failure to reflect and find ways to improve. They were also really interested to note Luke’s passion for living life to the full and taking chances, regardless if other people considered his plans impossible. I would recommend any organisation bringing him in to talk to students or adults alike.
Keira Pritchard, Work Related Learning Coordinator, Richmond Park Academy 

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