Laura Kennington

Laura Kennington

Having quite literally leapt out of her comfort zone a few years ago whilst cliff-diving in America, British adventurer Laura Kennington now enthusiastically encourages others through her engaging public talks to think big, be brave and to start now.

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This was 15 minutes of high octane inspiration which had our attendees racing to put on their cycling gear. Laura’s talk was TED quality with down-to-earth advice and added storytelling flair. Plus some bloody good music. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your next event, you’ve found her.
Kim Willis, The Heroine’s Journey Speaker Series

Laura is an inspirational and accomplished speaker. She has undertaken some amazing adventures and provides practical insights and knowledgeable advice on her achievements to date, in a highly personable and engaging way.
Cameron Hall, Founder and Director of Holmlands 

We loved Laura coming in and speaking to all of us. The group definitely enjoyed speaking to Laura on a 1-1 basis after the session and telling her about all their adventures which I am sure happens a lot.
Catherine Wilson, Co-Star Group

You were the best guest speaker we’ve had! Your talk was very inspiring and engaged so many people. I had many members of staff come up to me to say how interesting your story was.
Emma Belsey, Communications and Events Organiser, The Folkestone Academy

Listening to Laura Kennington speak is good for your soul.
Rima Patel, Co-Organiser of Yes Stories: A Night of Inspiration

Laura’s engaging and intriguing story of her adventures was brilliant. It elicited some great questions around storytelling and her approach to overcoming adversity. It was a pleasure to have her speak.
Fiona Quinn, Storytelling for Startups 

If you want your pupils to really understand what embracing life’s opportunities is all about, get Laura to come and talk to your school. The stories of her adventures were both fun and inspiring and I challenge anyone who hears her speak not to be motivated to undertake some kind of challenge as a result – no matter how small.
Toby Batchelor, Teacher, Cranleigh Prep School

Laura was very motivational and an excellent speaker. She answered the questions well and was very engaging.
Various, DofE Gold Awards Ceremony at St James Palace

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