Joshua hails from Edinburgh and trained as an actor at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. His deep resonant voice has featured in numerous radio commercials, audiobooks, podcasts, audio-dramas, corporate projects, and can be heard regularly on BBC Radio Four, where he reads everything from J.M Barrie to Wordsworth.

Type Of Speaker


Josh has a rich, expressive voice which seems to suit every mood. His reading of poetry and prose alike are wonderful. He is professional and personable to deal with and has always come to recording sessions well prepared. He takes direction exceptionally well.  – Mary Colwell, BBC Radio Four producer

Joshua has a layered and rich vocal range and a distinctive power that’s all the more impressive when you are close to him delivering the words. I could listen to him all day.  – Julian Hector, BBC Radio Four producer

Similar Talent

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  • Personal Development Coach and Counsellor
  • Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
  • Creator: ‘The A.S.K. Technique’
  • Futurist/Trendwatcher With a Chip in his Body
  • International Client Base 1900+ Talks
  • AI, Robotics, Drones, Self-Driving Systems, 3D & 4D Printing, Sensors, Blockchain
  • Delivery: Talks, Online, Masterclass & Consultancy
  • Internationally respected STEM speaker
  • Famous TED talk, ‘The Mathematics of Love’
  • Award winning TV presenter
  • AI/Big Data/Technology/Smart Cities
  • BBC Presenter
  • Chef/Landlord
  • Diet Advisor
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