John Peters

John Peters

Former Squadron Leader John Peters came to the world’s attention in 1991, when his bruised and battered face flashed on our television screens. It was this shocking image that became a terrible symbol of Saddam Hussein’s ruthless aggression.

Since leaving the forces, John Peters has become a prominent keynote speaker, using his own dramatic, and sometimes harrowing, experiences to reach into our minds, and how us how we can overcome our worst fears.

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What a guy! Amazing feedback from so many delegates. I have seen many after-dinner speakers in the last 30+ years, and John’s speech topped the lot.
Original Recycling Association

Your address was truly excellent. The sustained applause for you was almost unstoppable.
Bob Monkhouse

To be in a room containing over 200 people with total silence was awesome and I can’t remember that ever happening before. I don’t know if you were aware of the silence but there wasn’t a single cough, any sound of people whispering or shuffling, just stillness. I think that some people had even forgotten to breath!
The Newspaper Society

Not only was John an excellent presenter, he was also an organiser’s dream in his professionalism, his flexibility, and his genuine enthusiasm in mixing and mingling with the delegates after the session.
AMP National Conference, Australia

Anyone who has had the privilege of listening to you speak cannot be anything other than impressed by your attitude to life and your determination, courage, and integrity. Yours is a gripping and extremely moving story. Everyone to whom I have spoken since your presentation has unreservedly said that it was excellent.
Chief Constable, West Mercia Constabulary

Your ability to describe your ordeal was so clear: I felt that I was in the plane with you, in the desert with you, and in the cell with you. I know I could never possibly imagine, for real, what you went through and I sincerely hope no-one else ever has to endure that sort of treatment again.
National Sales Development Manager, London & Manchester Ltd

Immensely powerful – a raw honesty which I found incredibly thought provoking and above all humbling.
Emergency Planning, Lincolnshire Fire Brigade

I have recounted your speech to numerous friends and actually feel that I was inside that cockpit with you as you conducted your mission.
Bob Wilson OBE, Willow Foundation

I am left with the lasting impression of John Peters, who will remain in my memory as one of the most incredible and emotional speakers I have ever experienced the honour of hearing.
Walker User Group

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