Joanne Lockwood

Joanne Lockwood

Inclusive culture trailblazer Joanne Lockwood is an international keynote speaker, founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, and diversity and inclusion champion.

She aims to empower organisations to champion #PositivePeopleExperiences by implementing robust diversity and inclusion initiatives in their workplace so that everyone, regardless of identity, can enjoy their working environment.

Joanne’s personal experience as a transgender woman fuels her passion for LGBTQ+ inclusion, transgender awareness and support, and guiding businesses to develop ally programmes.

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It was a great session with a lot of engagement and positive feedback from staff. Joanne was great, very down to earth, honest, open and just the right amount of challenge and humour.
Sarah, Molson Coors

Joanne joined the lululemon EMEA collective for an inclusion talk based in storytelling and how to be a better ally. Each attendee was blown away by the courage Joanne showed, she so powerfully told us about the difficulties she navigated in so many aspects of her life but with such passion to live into who she truly was. We learned new information about trans community and how to act as allies in the workplace. The conversation was engaging, impactful and provoked so much insight within our team. We have had outstanding feedback and it has allowed us to continue to find access point to discuss inclusive environments and how to create them in our work spaces. Thank you Joanne for your time and sharing your story with us.
Nicole, Lululemon Europe 

Jo is a true expert on inclusion. She’s strategic and knowledgeable and has been incredibly supportive in helping us build towards a truly inclusive culture.
Katie, CC Group

Joanne delivered an awareness session for colleagues which was both inspiring and thought provoking. Her no nonsense discussion of transgender issues, terminology and impact are I think, an absolute must for any business looking to engage colleagues on transgender and wider diversity and inclusion matters.
Jane, Aster Housing Group

Joanne has collaborated with us on a number of events and most recently at our Better Allies: Supporting LGBTQ+ colleagues at Work event. Joanne is a confident speaker and panellist with wide ranging experience and fantastic insight. She is able to adapt her style to the type of event she is speaking at, be it formal or informal. At our most recent event Joanne was skilled at answering audience questions and kept the audience fully engaged throughout the discussion.
Oliver, BAME Recruitment

We had the pleasure of meeting Joanne when she came to HarperCollins to share her inspirational story. The story Joanne shared was very honest and moving. It really helped us to think about ways to support transgender and gender diverse individuals. I would definitely recommend Joanne as an inspirational speaker on transgender awareness and inclusion.
Chrystella, HarperCollins

Working with Joanne on the delivery of the UK Athletics ‘Raise the Bar’ event for Transgender Awareness Week was the first time we’d worked together, but you wouldn’t have thought so. Joanne made my job so easy and was hugely supporting of what we wanted to achieve. Joanne was brilliant at the event and gave open and honest answers to those in the audience.
Donna Frazer OBY OLY, UK Athletics & Cabinet Office

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