Jack Nolan

Jack Nolan

Jack Nolan is one of the UK’s youngest mental health and empowerment, high-performing neuro-diversion, mental health inspirational speakers.

Surviving two mental health breakdowns, psychosis, and a diagnosis of Bipolar, Jack bounced back, turning his negative circumstances into an opportunity to bring value to people’s lives.

He is also an author, having published a range of novels and inspirational books.

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You provided a truly emotional account of your experiences. We were really grateful for this that you were able to share with us.

Jack is an engaging and inspiring individual who has an amazing story to tell. His determination and passion to break down stigmas and raise awareness of his mental health condition and those of others is admirable. I am excited to see what amazing things Jack does next!

Jack told his story, in his words, his way and this is what I found made the session so powerful. A young man who has been through so much, but a situation which is transferable for anyone aged 8-80 years of age. His ‘open all areas’ presentation was extremely engaging and 60 minutes felt like 6. In life I think everyone is looking for honesty and with honesty comes trust, acceptance and belief, Jack delivered all of these things.

Everyone who attended has said how great it was to hear a real-life example of how you can overcome problems. Your talk was truly inspirational and motivating. You spoke with absolute honesty and confidence, which was really engaging for the attendees.
Hewlett Packard

Jack connected with every one of our employees. It was really inspiring to hear Jacks story. How he has gone from adversity to turning it into his advantage.
Mace Construction

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