Inge Woudstra

Inge Woudstra

Inge Woudstra is an expert in equity, diversity and inclusion, with a specialism in gender inclusion. She is also the author of Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women, a book that received feedback such as “men and women bring a great deal of value to the table. The sweet spot is in appreciating the need for both” – Helena Morrissey, founder of the 30% club.

She is an inspiring speaker, with a message that resonates with women, men and senior managers: “stop changing women, start changing organisations”.

Inga has a unique take on gender diversity. She has reviewed bio-psychological and brain research to find those gender differences that are relevant in the workplace. She applies those to solve the enigma of the lack of women in senior positions and in the pipeline, and gives real examples on how to move forward and not just keep women in but also leverage what they bring.

She is a highly qualified speaker, facilitator and tutor, and experienced panel moderator, researcher and consultant.

Her talks are highly interactive and open audience members’ eyes to the impact of inclusion on their day-to-day work. She fills her talks with personal stories, statistics, discussion, fresh ideas and insights and some truly practical actions.

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