Ilja Abbattista

Ilja Abbattista

Ilja Abbattista is an inspiring public speaker on a mission to raise awareness about modern slavery, sex trafficking, and the power of overcoming trauma through mindset.

Drawing from personal experience, Ilja shares a compelling narrative that shines a light on these pressing societal issues and empowers audiences to take action.

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Ilja Abbattista was a guest on the 6th episode of Pouring Out Perfume Podcast. As the host and creator of the podcast, I have to filter out the guests that may not be as influential or encouraging due to the message I am trying to convey to listeners, that being said, Ilja checked every box I asked of her as far as speaking with authenticity and encouragement.  She was also a joy to work with and kept me smiling through the whole interview.  She has a heart for helping others and her voice portrays that love.  It was fabulous working with a speaker so influential and motivating. Will absolutely be asking her to return for another episode.
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