Ije McDougall

Ije McDougall

Ije McDougall is a Magistrate, HR/Employment Law Expert, and the Founder of The Kairos Initiative. This charity is dedicated to “restoring dignity and bringing relief to the neediest of people in Northern Nigeria”.

Her unique perspective and lived experiences as an immigrant woman from Nigeria, mixed with her BBC training and HR background, have provided much needed insight and engagement to her audiences. Her talk on Racial Equality was featured on the Black Lives Matter website in 2020.

With her original storytelling technique, production experience, and expertise in HR law, Ije has spoken to a wide array of audiences, from schools and colleges to multinational corporate audiences. She has been featured on several podcasts and publications and published her own book. This combination means she has honed excellent communication skills and knows how to identify what her audiences need.

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I would like to once again thank you for a great talk yesterday. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about the talk, ranging from the Head of our Leeds office who was present, the Head of our Financial Crime Department, and the Inclusion Committee. We even had one colleague say that this was the best talk she has ever attended at the firm (and she has been at the firm for 10 years) and that you really had her re-assessing some of her behaviour and actions in a way she never thought to before.
Nathalie, Senior Paralegal, Stewarts Law

October is Black History Month, and last week I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Ije McDougall. We all attend talks, webinars, seminars and we like to think we take something away and learn something new. But in just over an hour of listening to Ije, I was left almost speechless about what I heard and what I learned. It has made me go away and read more, learn more and understand more. Thank you Ije, the most inspirational and thought-provoking talk I’ve genuinely ever been to.
Claire, Associate Channel Manager, Kohler Mira Ltd.

The session was a great success yesterday. Ije absolutely delivered. She was thoroughly engaging and built rapport with out audience. What Ije spoke about was impactful and important, thought-provoking and inspiring. So much so, that I’ve been thinking about Ije and her talk since, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one. I had many members of the team send me messages following the event, expressing their positive feedback. I’m so pleased we chose Ije to be part of our IWD series of events.
Sophie, People Operations Manager, Mention Me

It was a great pleasure to meet Ije and we are so grateful for her time and contributions to the panel.
Harri, Trowers & Hamlins LLP

I thought she was fantastic – a really original presentation which made people sit up and think. Very engaging overall.
Benedetta, Information Lab

I just attended genuinely the best speaking event I’ve ever been to any topic (and I have been to a lot!) Ije’s presentation and Q&A on Autism for Black History Month. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.
Rachel Birch

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