Gina Battye

Gina Battye

Gina Battye is an award-winning, world-renowned LGBTQ+ inclusion and psychological safety consultant, corporate trainer, author, and keynote speaker.

Gina Battye is a world-renowned Psychological Safety Consultant and Trainer for Multinational Corporations, TV, Film and the Global Press, and Founder of the Psychological Safety Institute.

As a media friendly experienced expert, with an acting background, Gina’s work has been featured widely in the media, including Sky News, BBC Radio, Forbes, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan and the global LGBT+ press.

With a passion for ensuring workplaces are environments where people feel safe and where people thrive, Gina is the perfect keynote speaker to educate your employees.

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Gina was very engaging and delivered a lot of valuable, insightful and thought-provoking content – we received very positive feedback from participants and she definitely allowed us to start a very important conversation across the business.  Gina has a very natural and approachable demeanour, and clearly is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate of psychological safety, representation and authenticity – she absolutely delivered on all expectations in terms of our event’s desired outcomes. She was a pleasure to engage with and get to know her.
Agata, Division Human Resources Manager, Engine and Mobile Filtratin, Parker, EMEA

Gina was great.  We loved her enthusiasm, passion and energy.  Very collaborative process.  Felt she really listened to what we were trying to achieve and do.  She obviously does a lot of public speaking, which sometimes might come a bit repetitive for her, but we never got that impression, she was there on the day with full gusto and engagement.  It was really enjoyable working with her, you automatically feel happier in her company. She was organised, clear and pragmatic. If opportunity arises, we certainly would welcome working with Gina again!

Gina is a force to be reckoned with in her field. Her work is still referenced by senior leaders and managers as the go-to guide, towards creating a more inclusive and psychologically safe workplace for employees. The 2 e-learning modules she created on psychological safety and LGBTQ + support in the workplace, together with the time she spent with our executive team running sessions on inclusive leadership have been invaluable. We continue to use her modules as part of OSTC’s onboarding program. Her passion, delivery and work ethic is admirable and inspiring.
Faizah, Head of D&I and Talent Development, OSTC

Thrilled to have hosted Gina at IQVIA to present her psychological safety framework. Gina was great to work with, very collaborative from the outset and willing to focus her content on addressing our specific needs (promoting psychological safety whilst working remotely). Feedback from attendees was unanimously positive and I personally found the session impactful and inspiring.
Nacho, IQVIA

A colleague from Lloyd’s Banking Group and I approached Gina with a brief for a session and what we would like to cover. Gina was fantastic at accommodating this and recommending her 5 pillars of Psychological Safety. The session went extremely well and Gina spoke with professionalism, personable and easy to understand. We received excellent feedback from attendees and would happily work with Gina again!
Helen, Lloyds Banking Group

We were very happy with Gina’s talk. She gave very practical examples that our employees can understand and adopt.
Mariana, ESG Social & DEI Program Assistant, SoftwareOne

Gina recently hosted a session for us around being your authentic self in the workplace. Our colleagues who attended left feeling inspired & more engaged with the business & Gina kindly offered colleagues a follow-up session free! The feedback we had from colleagues has been amazing & we are hoping to do more work with Gina in the future. Any business serious about Diversity & Inclusion would aim to create a culture where people can perform & be their personal best. This was a great session on the journey to achieving that.
Yorkshire Water

Gina was a guest speaker at an event in AstraZeneca. Gina delivered an interactive conversation on the topic of bringing your whole self to work and LGBT inclusion. The feedback was extremely positive and I would highly recommend working with Gina on any corporate event relating to inclusion, diversity and LGBT topics.

Gina is fun and focused.
Dr Joe, Law Of Attraction Expert, Featured in The Secret

Gina touches our audiences in a way I have never seen before. She has an electric presence which, when coupled with her humour, passion and energy, inspired everyone in the room.
Cathy, Director, UK

Tiny but with a lot of power!
Yvonne, Marketing Strategist, USA

Your talk was fantastic and very inspiring….to be honest the first thing to inspire me in an extremely long time.
Suzie, Finance Consultant, Lincoln

Gina’s presentation in front of a room full of professional speakers was punchy, passionate and proficient.
Eilidh, Past President, The Professional Speaking Association

Gina motivates business leaders & professionals to achieve their full potential.
Mike, Real Estate, USA

I was immediately impressed with Gina’s infectious personality. She speaks with such authority on her subject and is not in the least bit reserved in sharing her knowledge and experience. She inspires all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.
Beverly, Sales Manager

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