Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard

Gerd is a global citizen of the future who spends his life travelling through worldwide meetings, workshops, and conferences on transformational change.

A star speaker on topics of major strategic importance – from digital disruption to business remodelling to specific vertical scenarios across public and private sectors, Gerd is a rare hybrid of artist and researcher/scientist, with a pioneering background in digital music ecosystems and a head start in the disruption game. For the last fifteen years, he has been the first choice in business leaders’ minds for inspirational and paradigm-shifting advice.

Listed by Wired Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in Europe, Gerd Leonhard’s work focusses on the future of humanity and technology, digital transformation, the mega-shifts, artificial intelligence and robotics, media, content, marketing and advertising, telecommunications, culture and tourism, banking and financial services, government and leadership.

In his keynotes, presentations, workshops and advisory sessions Gerd addresses what it means to be human in a world of machines and algorithms, the coming redefinition of human-machine relationships, the future of work and jobs and many more. His presentations are renowned for a hard-hitting and provocative yet inspiring, humorous and motivating style.

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“Gerd was a keynote speaker at our recent Spark2020 Leadership Conference and was central to setting up the discussion about what the future might look like and importantly what that means for our industry, our business and the people in it. Gerd’s opening session was a great outside in view of the future and what that means for us. His perspectives were excellent and thought provoking and it set the day up well.”

– Rod Snodgrass | CEO Spark Ventures NZ

“Gerd kicked off ShipServ’s SmartProcurement conference as keynote, with an inspiring and thought-provoking look at how technology is likely to change our world in the next 15 years. His content and energetic delivery were spot on and set the stage well for the day. I recommend him highly.”

– Paul H. Ostergaard | CEO ShipServ, Inc

“I had a chance to listen to Gerd about future trends. I also had a chance to meet him in person. His views and the way he structured his speech was not only eye opening but also helped me understand the essence of some of the concepts I have been hearing. Before Gerd, I did not fully realise how these concepts and trends may affect us, not only as a corporation, but also as a human. Gerd’s background and experiences also helps him deliver a very convincing presentation.“

– Bülent Tekçe | VP Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi

“Gerd did a fantastic job at a recent global logistics conference, opening up the opportunities of the future, bringing in varied examples from a host of different industries to explore new ways of thinking – big impact with the team.”

– John Marsden | VP APAC Unilever

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