Evelyne Brink

Evelyne Brink

“It’s not just about perfection, it’s about cultivating charisma, gravitas, and energy that transmits”.

With over 20+ years of coaching experience, Evelyne Brink’s background as a performer and producer of her own shows, record deals, author, coaching, corporate training expertise, and keynote speaker, make her a popular choice to help support senior leaders to develop their personality in the spotlight.

Evelyne Brink is the founder of Brink Coaching, was once Europe’s Number one Madonna impersonator, and is the mother to the first survivor of having no small intestine from birth.

In 2022, she presented a TEDx talk at TEDx Católica Lisbon SBE entitled ‘How to dare to be you when everyone is watching’.

She now helps clients achieve success by fuelling from their pleasure, allowing their desire to lead their brain to receive and create what they want.

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“You turn people into stars”

Steve Tannett – Head of Marshall Records

“Evelyne is one of my personal heros, and secret weapon”

Rich Litvin – Coach & Founder, The Litvin Group

“You have changed my life! I am so happy to be working with you again. Again. And again”

Whinnie Williams – TV Presenter, Founder – Poodle & Blonde

I was inspired by Evelyne’s expressiveness, her vibrant liveliness and her ability to capture her audience using a magnitude of styles and personas. I immediately thought: this is what I want! Before working together, I found myself wearing corporate armour a lot of the time, seeking to be more alive, playful and in full expression of who I am.

Evelyne Brink can hold room while at the same time working in the most precise and loving way with each individual, thus orchestrating a mutual growth journey that exceeds anything that I had hoped for. And it was fun too! Everything she does emerges from what is in the moment, she doesn’t follow a rigid plan, nothing is too strange to ask for. This was exactly what I had hoped for and it was surprising in every moment.

As a result of the coaching I now live in my body more fully, enjoy expressing myself more playfully and just love life more deeply. Evelyne has a fine antenna for what people need and the guts to turn their worlds upside down. Go and book Evelyne and you are up for an amazing ride!
Inga Hiltner, Leader, Creator of the Future and Rebel-in-Residence at Egon Zehnder

Magic happens when working with Evelyne Brink. Her work is life changing and transformational. It’s that simple. I discovered parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there, including my own power, creativity, embodied confidence and voice.

She works her magic by intuitively knowing where to take me, all whilst providing so much emotional safety for me to express my deepest fears and then work through them – revealing my true desires.

She got me up on a stage, helped me perform my truest expression of myself and actually made me fall in love with the whole experience. She’s one of those rare people who can beautifully marry deep softness with ferocious power and she’s one of my secret weapons. Thank you for everything you are, Evelyne.
Lucy Lowther, Consultant, Mindset Coach

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