Elif Köse

Elif Köse

Elif Köse is a transformational confidence coach, fashion designer and founder of The Leader Within You programme.

As a former full-time fashion designer who began her journey as an alteration girl with limited English, Elif Köse once held the belief that the key to confidence lay in finding the perfect outfit. She was captivated by the transformation of Wonder Woman, how her costume empowered her, and she emphasized the significance of outward appearance in bolstering confidence.

Through her impeccable tailoring skills, Elif bestowed a sense of empowerment upon countless individuals, even as she witnessed the weight of their insecurities.

When the pandemic forced her to close her high street shop, Elif delved into personal development, unearthing a deeper understanding of inner confidence. Through a transformative journey marked by breakthroughs, she discovered that the puzzle was far more intricate than she had imagined.

Elif then made it her mission to help others experience the same inner confidence, helping liberate women from the chains of their past, the opinions of others, and the need for external validation.

Elif Köse created The Leader Within You, a coaching and consultancy agency for women in business to bring together the world of female leaders and empower them to be their most authentic version with unshakable confidence.

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Elif Köse has been a phenomenal speaker at three of the events I have organised. She is always honest, open and knows how to inspire uplift and empower women. Elif offers a wealth of knowledge about fashion, confidence and business. I would recommend Elif in a heartbeat to speak at your event.

Edith WB, Founder and CEO, Emperors Media

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