Dr Kathrine Bejanyan

Dr Kathrine Bejanyan

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan is a practicing therapist and relationship consultant, focusing on building deeper intimacy, connection and authenticity in relationships.

Kathrine’s mission is to demystify relationships in a way that will help people connect with both themselves and also their partners in an authentic and genuine way.

Teaching the skills needed to successfully manage issues in a constructive manner, Kathrine helps people build both independence and intimacy in a relationship. Kathrine helps people make conscious decisions about their partner choices and their relationship quality.

With most people knowing how to achieve either independence or closeness, Kathrine identifies that achieving both can be a challenge. However, this is what is required for today’s professional couples to thrive – the ability to be free to be themselves, while also gaining the benefits of developing security and closeness to a partner.

Kathrine is an experienced speaker with regular speaking engagements on topics covering gender, dating, relationships, and culture. She uses her ongoing therapeutic work, academic background, consulting and teaching to support her speaking engagements and keep her material engaging, relevant and current.

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I found this really engaging; love the science, no nonsense delivery, expansive approach and of course the psychology.

I found the talk very interesting. It helped me see things from an angle I I had not viewed them from before.
Steve S.

I really enjoyed it. So much to take away.
Tom O

Was most definitely an ‘interesting talk’, packed with information. Dr. Bejanyan was extremely knowledgeable and the delivery was excellent. Great value for money, thank you!

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