Andy Lopata

Andy Lopata

An expert on building, nurturing, and leveraging professional relationships, Andy Lopata was once called ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ by The Financial Times, and ‘a true master of networking’ by Forbes.com.

He believes that networking and communication is one of the most important tools in business, from generating sales to developing your career. He believes that knowing the reasons why you are networking and what you want to achieve, it is possible to improve and gain tangible results.

As well as his networking strategies, Andy is also a podcast host, and successful business author. In 2017, he was awarded the PSA Award of Excellence.

He is a two-time board member and former President of the Fellows Community of the Professional Speaking Association UK and Ireland, a member of the Association of Business Mentors and the Meetings Industry Association, and a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute.

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From the get go, Andy captured his audience with his engaging personality. The title ‘Just Ask’ felt very personal but looking at my fellow attendees I could see the light bulbs come on in the room as he brought the topic to life. Asking for help, for me, has always felt like a sign of weakness. Andy completely blew this reasoning out of the window. I have kept his flyer in my notepad for easy reference. A thoroughly compelling presentation that has left a memorable impression.
Maria McNamee Private Client Director, Metrobank

Andy Lopata’s presentation on vulnerability is immensely powerful. He makes a wonderful case for true openness with others and for putting aside the mask of pride we sometimes wear when we should be more direct ­ especially when we are hurting. His message deserves wide distribution.
Lou Heckler Veteran US Hall of Fame Speaker & Speaker Presentation Coach

At Mindset, we had the pleasure of working with Andy Lopata on a series of executive sessions with an international bank. These sessions were designed around the principle of fostering an environment of respect and trust in the workplace, with an emphasis on the free expression of opinions and concerns. Andy brought his expertise and tailored it specifically to the needs of the industry. His insights into leadership and vulnerability were particularly powerful, encouraging a shift from a traditional hierarchical approach to a more vulnerable and authentic leadership style. The group dynamics created during the sessions allowed for an open and safe space for discussion, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts such as ego in our interactions and the importance of sharing both successes and challenges. Andy’s techniques for building resilience, promoting psychological safety and addressing biases and behaviours were incredibly valuable. In addition, his focus on creating inclusive workspaces that respect diversity and foster trust has been instrumental in shaping a strong culture within the organisation.
Julia Montes Alonso Project Director, Mindset

Andy delivered an excellent session at a recent leadership event I attended. If you had asked me beforehand whether I enjoy networking, my honest answer would have been no, because I probably viewed it as a timebound, transactional thing. Andy really changed my thinking. The key thing I took away was that networking is a long-term, organic thing.
Robert McNair Strategy & Change Manager, RBS

Andy has successfully been working to support me at Molnlycke over the past few years and in a number of different ways. His enthusiastic and interactive presentation at our National conference was very much appreciated by all and his series of workshops for my leadership team has been put to significant positive use. Effective networking is critical to our organisation and like many others, resonates strongly within the challenges we face as an industry.
Shona MacDonald Business Director UK & Ireland, Wound Care. Molnlycke Health Care

I first got to know Andy as he gave an eye opening keynote during a kick off held in Barcelona. Following this keynote, I was given an opportunity to join a training that Andy gave on building professional relationships. The training gave instant results. At the time I was engaging a global enterprise within my region. Leveraging the techniques learned through Andy, my main contact provided an important referral on the operational side. This was a fantastic experience and a solid proof on what wisdom Andy shares. Andy is a thought leader, speaker and fantastic trainer within the field of building professional relationships.
Jesper Olsson Solutions Account Manager, Corporate Business, Brother Nordics

Andy’s presentation on Professional Relationships was by far the most cogent and useful presentation on the subject I think that I have heard in 30 odd years in the industry. Andy’s insights felt like the lightbulb moments when one puts into conscious thought something that has been staring you in the face for some time. I particularly found useful his stakeholder mapping, looking at how people relate to each other, together with understanding the level of influence you have with those individuals.
Simon Gravestock, True Potential LLP

We were delighted that Andy contributed to the Rapid Response Team we launched during the Covid­19 crisis. He was able to bring fantastic value at short notice to a mixed group of CEOs in a compelling 60 minute ‘Game Changing Conversation.’ More importantly for me as a client, Andy was highly responsive to mastering the brief and flexing to the highly interactive workshop style we required.
Charles McLachlan Founder, The CEO Growth Academy

The sessions were very well structured and gave clear advice on how I can improve my digital sales strategy. I would be happy to recommend your sessions to anyone trying to raise digital exposure through these tools and I look forward to seeing how my changes improve my visibility and outward facing profile.
James Comley Senior Consultant, CGI

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