Andrew Vorster

Andrew Vorster

For over a decade, Andrew Vorster was the Head of Technology Research for Visa Europe, gaining a reputation for fresh thinking, and proposing pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

Andrew has over 30 years of experience identifying and tracking trends in technology and business behaviours across a variety of industries. His colourful and engaging storytelling drawn from his real-life experiences helps businesses to harness the current pace of change, identify the opportunities it presents, and stimulates transformation.

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He is, without doubt, one of the first people on my list when we need the latest trends. Andrew’s extensive knowledge base puts him in the top 2 or 3 speakers that I have ever worked with. His enthusiasm and energy are mixed with an incredibly articulate nature.
FinTech Connect

A first-class communicator who delivered superb content valued by our clients in strategy and innovation.

Andrew is a storytelling alchemist – weaving unfettered imagination, energy, and curiosity to invite us into an immersive experience. The way he captivates his audience assures an exponential spread of lightbulb moments throughout the room. I highly recommend Andrew.
Adi Hartuv, The Eventful Group

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