Adam Gray

Adam Gray

Adam Gray studied as a concert violinist, but on sustaining an injury had to “get a proper job” and after a brief dalliance with sales has been in marketing ever since, for the last 10 years specialising in social media.

His background in marketing gives him a very sceptical attitude towards social media and how it is implemented by businesses often asking the question “how do you know” and this pragmatic approach has helped him to deliver some spectacular turnarounds in organisations’ social media success.

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Adam has a very calm, decisive and informative delivery style that engages with the audience. You cant help but lean-in and want to know more as Adam communicates his immense knowledge of all things social

– Alec Blacklaw – BIP Conference

…inspire, engage, and educate both individuals and organisations about the world of Social Media

– Luc Gautier – Oracle Inc

I am so glad that eventually I managed to make this happen and get Adam to speak in front of our sales team.
It went very very well and Adam was just amazing. It is shame he could only do 1 hour this time. But I have got more plans to get Adam in again to speak to other SAP sales teams for sure. I also think the whole marketing team should be re-educated by Adam again too…

– SAP Sales Team Event

From day one I am impressed with Adam’s experience in the social domain. He trained the team which resulted in many enthusiastic colleagues

– Tinky Bart – Corporate-event

They say you save the best to last. Adam stepped in to an EGN meeting of high level Sales Directors at short notice to speak and advise on Social Media…Adam was engaging, challenging and fun.

– Steve Songaila – Executive Global Network

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