A Chat with Mindfulness Leadership Speaker Andrew McNeill

6th May 2022

Introducing Andrew McNeill –

Andrew McNeill is a leadership consultant and the lead Projects Advisor for the Mindfulness Initiative, – a UK Parliament’s ”All-Party” Mindfulness-based charity. Andrew is also the Co-Director of BAMBA the UK’s mindfulness accreditation body. 

In 2018, Andrew set up the Lines of Sight Consultancy which offers Mindfulness training to help people to reduce stress and improve their own personal and professional performance.

Andrew believes leadership needs to change. With the multiple pressures our teams face, from climate change to emerging from the Pandemic, he sees that organisations will only thrive if their leaders can guide with inclusion, compassion and awareness.

A Chat with Andrew McNeill

Not only an accredited mindfulness teacher, Andrew is also a popular author has brought his passion for Mental Health Advocacy into writing in 2019 with his ”Organisational Mindfulness a How-to Guide.” Andrew offers leadership training to a wide range of organisations, helping individuals and teams improve their performance and their wellbeing.

As part of our ‘Chat with…’ series at Great British Speakers, our director Jane Farnham, sat down with Andrew to discuss his work, from mindfulness to leadership, stress, wellbeing and more…

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