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9th May 2024

With TeamMaker, Brad Burton is a force to be reckoned with in the world of team building. With his infectious enthusiasm, humour, and high-energy dynamic approach, twinned with his street-smart wisdom, Brad is not just a speaker – he’s a doer, embodying the very essence of motivation and action.

Brad Burton Number hire 1 UK Motivational speaker Teammaker Team Building workshops book at agent Great British Speakers

An entrepreneur, Brad started his first business with thousands in debt, taking on other jobs at the
same time to keep his head above water. He was so successful that within five years, he had sold it
and founded a second, as well as offering his speaking and workshop services.


Brad Burton away days speaker Teammaker Team Building workshops book at agent Great British Speakers

If we’re honest, just the mention of “team building events” can cause eye rolls and groans. The
traditional approach is often filled with awkward icebreakers and cliché activities.
BUT Brad is anything but cliché.
His fresh, dynamic approach redefines what it means to build and motivate a team, turning the tides
on the conventional, and often uninspired team building exercises.
This isn’t team building for the sake of it; this isn’t team building so you can check it off your to-do
list, this is team building that drives real change within organisations, improves communication,
fosters innovation, and boosts morale.

Brad Burton hire away days speaker Teammaker Team Building workshops book at agent Great British Speakers


At the heart of TeamMaker lies a high-energy, engaging format; A1 wall-mounted visuals, powerful
tailored worksheets, and hands-on activities.
Instead of passive activities and disengaged participants, TeamMaker provides bespoke vibrant,
interactive, and fun team-building sessions. They are designed to energise teams, fostering a sense
of enthusiasm that translates back into the workplace.
This isn’t about enduring a day out of the office, this is about enjoying a day out of the office. It’s
about experiencing something genuinely transformative and long-lasting.

Brad Burton hire Motivational speaker Teammaker Team Building workshops book at agent Great British Speakers


TeamMaker is leading the charge into a new era of team building; it delivers an impactful,
energising, and truly enjoyable experience, providing delegates with tangible and actionable tips.
Brad can help tackle and resolve any team issues, including:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Personality Clashes
  • Sales
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Prioritisation


Brad Burton Teammaker team building workshops book at agent Great British Speakers

Booking a workshop with Brad will result in your team:

Tapping into their inner resilience and strength: Team members will handle setbacks with ease,
recover quickly from failures, and maintain a positive attitude when faced with obstacles. Happier,
more engaged teams mean less burnout.

Developing a growth mindset for thriving in challenging situations: Team members will be more
adaptable to change, eager to learn, and open to feedback. This will help cultivate an environment
where employees are continually improving, which in turn, leads to enhanced productivity.

Building an unwavering self-belief to achieve common goals: It’s important that team members
have confidence in their own work and others. As their confidence grows, team members will take
on more responsibilities, and demonstrate leadership qualities. This results in a faster achievement
of targets and an increase in quicker, better decisions.

Fostering collaboration and deep-rooted binds within the team: By improving teamwork and
understanding, your working environment will become more harmonious. This prevents conflicts,
increases effectiveness and success rates, and helps to give everyone a greater job satisfaction.

Unlocking their true potential and transforming their performance: When team members operate at
their full potential, efficiency, quality of work, and overall output will increase. This will then
correlate to enhanced revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Brad Burton hire Uk no1 Motivational speaker Teammaker Team Building workshops book at agent Great British Speakers


In considering Brad for your upcoming event, you’re not just hiring a team-building expert; you’re
gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing team cohesion, communication, productivity, wellbeing,
and overall happiness, which leads to business growth, success, profitability, and customer service.

You can find out more about Brad – The UK’s Leading Motivational Speaker on his bio page HERE

Contact Great British Speakers now on 01753 439 289, or email to find out more about how Brad can help you build more harmonious, productive, and successful

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