Why Use Great British Speakers?

Great British Speakers is part of Denton Events Limited, which was founded Great British Presenters and Great British Voices in 2010.  We are a small team and our aim is to offer an unbiased, bespoke, personal service to help you find a speaker who perfectly suits your brief, audience and of course budget.  Great British Speakers is managed and owned by Jane Farnham and Steve Denison who have a wealth of knowledge and will work with you personally to find a perfect match.

Why use a professional speaker?

A professional speaker is probably one of the best investments for any live event.  Your audience will feel gain a fresh perspective and feel inspired, leading to a boost in morale and a jumpstart in positivity and productivity.  Speakers have the knowledge, expertise and insight, which can prove to be invaluable and inspire your troops or clients.  They also provide new perspectives, which can allow your business to adapt, change and grow, giving your business that competitive edge.

Does GBSpeakers represent the artists exclusively?

Great British Speakers does work with some artists directly but the majority of our talent pool comes via agents and management companies who we deal with extensively and have built great relationships with.

I haven’t booked a speaker/performer before, where do I start?

Just pick up the phone and give us a ring (01753 439289) or send us a quick email jane@greatbritishspeakers.co.uk.   We offer a personal and bespoke service to quickly help identify your needs and the type of speaker you require.  We will help to create a shortlist, generated by our website, which you can then share with colleagues/clients.  We are continuously updating our website with exciting new speakers however, do remember that even if you don’t find what you need on our website www.greatbritishspeakers.co.ukthen we can still certainly help you find that person as we have some great connections in all industries.  We are here to help you.

What if I can’t find who I want on the website?

Just give us a call, we have access to many artists who may not be listed on the site, so just let us know who you are after and we can organise

How much do Speakers cost?

As you can see from the website we off a wide variety of talent so rates to vary.  Rates start as little as £1k and as much as £250,000 but you can expect to pay £3-10k for a lot of the talent we represent.  Its always best to let us be guided by the budget you have to work with and we can then let you know who would be available. We are extremely experienced at finding the right speaker to fit your budget. Great British Speakers does not handle ‘expense only’ or ‘no fee’ events.

What are the expenses?

You will be liable to cover all expenses, which include travel, accommodation and all food/refreshments.  This may also include hair/make-up.  If requested, we will happily provide you with an approximation of expenses prior to your event.

Does GBP charge a fee for the service?

In most cases, speakers pay the speaker bureau a commission on their fee.  This means you can enjoy free consulting service, independent recommendations, a high level of event coordination, plus many additional services at no additional cost to you. Our advice is completely free. So, no booking, no fee.

I have chosen my speaker… what next?

Great British Speakers will provide you with a contract.  Some speakers will also have special requirements (usually audio/visual), which we can discuss with you to ensure these needs are met so that your event runs smoothly.

Can I speak to the Speaker before the event?

If you would like to speak to your conference speaker or host prior to the event, even if it’s just to say ‘hello’ we will happily organise this at a mutually convenient time.  Most performers will be pleased to receive guidelines, including what is and isn’t considered appropriate in terms of reference to the host organisation, sponsors and clients.

What if my speaker has an emergency and has to cancel?

We have access to literally 1000’s of fantastic speakers and pride ourselves on our finely-honed skills of finding a replacement speaker.

How do I make payment?

50% deposit will be required on signature of contract with the balance due 14 days prior to the event.  Expenses will be billed afterwards.

Can I film the event and broadcast it on my website?

Filming an event involving any of our Speakers/Talent is only permitted when agreed in advance and is usually subject to usage fees.  Any potential filming must be discussed and agreed prior to the event.

What is a TV Get-Out Clause?

If this is applicable to your contract it can be discussed at the time of booking.  However, it simply means that due to filming dates a performer has the right to request release from the contract up to four weeks prior to an event.  Please make sure you are fully aware of the implications but rest assured that in the unlikely event of this happening we will be able to find a suitable replacement for your event.

What if I have to cancel/postpone my event?

Cancellation fees are shown in your contract and we will always work with you as much as possible if the event is postponed.  Just give us a call if this happens.

Do all After-Dinner Speakers attend the dinner?

This is quite rare as most performers choose to use this time to prepare for their performance.  However, most are happy to organise a ‘meet/greet’ after the dinner.  This would need to be organised and confirmed at the time of the booking so it can be included in the contract.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

Most bookings take places about 3- 4 months in advance but some performers are happy to accept earlier bookings.

I don’t want to book a performer, I just want to contact them … can you put me in touch?

To put it simply … No.

I want to send a performer a sample of my products, can you pass it on?

Again … No.

Do you accept charitable enquiries, no fee, expense only bookings?

Sadly, no … but we are happy to pass on your enquiry to the artists management company.  Please bear in mind that most personalities and celebrities have their own favourite charitable/good causes that they work for.